Hello everyone, Today this blog is about “Axolotl general facts and knowledge” so that I can maybe inspire someone to keep one as a pet or help people that are struggling. So what is an ox lot will and yes I know I say axolotl some people say axolotl it’s really all personal preference but they are known as the Mexican and walking fish.

They are not a fish they’re actually a type of salamander that is found in one specific region down in Mexico. According to the IUCN they are actually critically endangered in the wild this is Judah invasive species kind of eating their young making. It hard for them to regenerate its population but with that being said they are thriving in captivity. This is mainly because there has been a lot of scientific research done on them. They are able to regenerate pretty much anything in their bodies whether it’s a toe a an arm or leg part of their tail.

Axolotl can even regenerate parts of their brain their heart and their spinal cord so there is a lot of research that’s done on them. They are completely Mayo Clinic which means after reaching sexual maturity they never undergo metamorphosis so they don’t grow lungs and they keep their external gills and remain underwater. Their entire lifespan they do live ten to fifteen years depending so just keep that in mind if you want to keep one as a pet it is a big commitment. They can grow anywhere from 10 inches to over a foot so also keep that in mind so why do I think it’s a good idea to keep axles as a pet because you’re always going to get that person that says. They should be put back out in the wild and like keeping them in a tank is cruel but because they’ve been bred in captivity for so long their genetics are completely different from an ox lot will that you would find out in the wild there used to be feeding them.

Every day keeping their tanks clean so if I were to release them in the wild not only would I have to go down to Mexico but they most likely would not survive. I have been keeping an ox idle since July of 2017 I have a golden albino named pika and a baby popper named soy bean hoping to write more articles about the care like what you need to set up for an axolotl of feeding different diseases and quirks axolotls have and if you need to be worried or not so I hope you guys find this article very informative any comments questions or concerns are always welcome.


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