Hello everyone today I’m going to talk to you guys about the body language of your axolotl’s body. Language is super important for understanding any animal that’s how you figure out really. What’s going on internally without by looking at their customer business. So first and foremost you might notice that your axonal yes that are slightly forward this will happen when they’re eating. But this also could mean that their stress or mad about some things. Unfortunately, you can literally be anything. It’s like it’s kind of like the first sign to show you that they’re unhappy about something. It could be water quality it could be a noise that scares them it could be you turning the light on really anything another sign of stress is the infamous tail end.

I remember when I first got a cold I was like how do I know what this looks like my axolotl bends its tail all the time but you’ll know when it happens. It’s like the very end of their tail will have a slight kink in it and it looks painful that’s because it is. It’s basically like a cramp in their tail. They’ll typically get it when they’re sick say they have Calaveras which is the public they’ll get a bet than their tail and it’ll usually take a few days for just straighten back out the stress is kind of relieved another thing. I’ll do when they’re unhappy is something I like to call the dog scratch.

Basically, they will scratch behind their gills and this could be because they got something stuck in their gills and is irritating them maybe it’s a grain of sand a piece of food or just something float around in the water. They don’t kind of scratch it to get it out or they could be very unhappy with the water quality and just be a couple little scratches or to where it literally looks like they’re having a seizure and it’s quite scary so definitely you see something like that make sure your parameters are okay and then the temperature hasn’t changed drastically or if a bright light is on that’ll do it.

Keep an eye out more is if your ox level is swimming back and forth across it’s a tank a lot. I mean I have ox levels and swimming more than others some Hawks. I’ll just like the chill some do you like to swim around but actually if it’s at the front of the tank they’re just begging for food but if you notice your axonal can’t sit still and maybe look comfortable and just won’t stop swimming rapidly your water quality ox levels that are unhappy with the water quality most definitely swim around a lot and they’ll have their gills.

so it’s very very important to understand the body language of your out so that will tell you if everything is going okay then take do you see any of these signs of them being stressed then you’ll know what to do and go from there.


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