Hello everybody welcomes back today we are going to be talking about feeding your axolotl. So first things first you’re going to want to wash your hands and I mean really completely wash your hands go up your arms under the nails you want to get any germs or contaminants off of your hands. First, you’re not to be putting that into your drink. What I use for feeding on a daily basis is a long pair of tweezers. You can either get the curved kind or the straight kind I got a two pack off of Amazon and it goes up like eight dollars. It’s super cheap then you’re going to need a large turkey baster anything smaller than turkey baster really is not going to do the trick and then you’ll need a little cup or bowl.

I’ll explain why later so axolotl food is divided into frozen food pellets and live food, when you’re axolotl, is very small and their firstborn so unless you’re a breeder or you happen to snag one that was just born. You’ll be feeding it live Daphnia I don’t have that here because my ox levels are too old for laughs Daphnia but the first instinct that your ox level will have when it’s born is that snapping motion to get live food. So you’re going to want to put something in there that’s moving around that will get their attention.

After you wash your hands you’re going to want to turn off your filtration system unless it’s a sponge filter that really doesn’t matter but you don’t want your filter on because then your food will be flying everywhere and it’s just going to make it harder to clean later. I’ll start off with pellets and these are the pellets that I use. They are Akari’s sinking carnivore pellets. I believe there’s salmon flavor so the whole point is you want them to sink your ox level is not going to go to the top for food like a fish would they sit on the bottom of the tank, so if you don’t get sinking pellets they’re not going to see the food and they’re not going to eat these ones are what I feed pika right now. She is seven inches probably seven and a half by now they’re quite large so I do not give these to soybean. He is only two inches and they are just they’re too large for his little mouth so I have to give him a smaller pellet but what I do with the smaller pellets because they tend to have a harder time sinking, unfortunately, the bigger ones will just plop right in and they’ll sink down to the bottom but what I do with the smaller pellets is I will actually fill up this cup with some water. Put some pellets in their kind of swirl it around and let it sink down to the bottom. So that they’re already moistened that way I can just use the turkey baster you can bring it from the soybean he notices them everyone’s happy. So I’ll move on to frozen food and I’ll start off with the bloodworms again I’m using the same brand as Hikari I think that’s how you pronounce it bloodworms are a personal favorite of my excels.

I don’t know about anyone else but mind go crazy for them and they’re extremely flavorful most frozen foods like the bloodworms in the brine shrimp are going to be really flavorful so that’s probably why they love to go for them. They’re loaded with vitamins and protein and you can either buy them in little-frozen cubes or I prefer these sheets that way I can just break off a piece and then again I’ll put it in the little cup with some water swirling around so that they kind of thought out and then I’ll use my long tweezers and kind of hold it right front of my ox idols face that way worms aren’t getting everywhere in your water. Because these are pretty messy they will leave behind these little tiny white specks in your water known as Cyclops and yes they are live creature this that just come with these babies, unfortunately, it’s a type of pod I think that’s how you pronounce it google it. I don’t know but when I first noticed it in my tank, I wasn’t doing a very good job of cleaning out all the bloodworms I had a tank that had lots of de coordinate and lots of fluffy pant plants. So I was getting stuck in the plants and I wouldn’t notice it and before you know it I had a whole outbreak of these little Cyclops dudes just hopping around in my and they are annoying, to say the least they are beyond annoying. Yes, water changes will get rid of it but you will never completely get rid of it to this day I still have those in my tank and they’re not harmful to your axolotls. They are quite annoying though if they get their gills it’ll just irritate your axolotl it’s like it’s almost like tickling them and then they’ll do that weird dog scratch things. So you don’t want to leave your food behind. They’re extremely like almost microscopic small and they just hop around on the glass they tend to sit in areas that have no water movement so definitely that’s why you want to lift up your Dacor because they will be sitting underneath there and especially those caves that your ox Adil’s love to hide in that’s an optimal spot for them. Where the waters not flowing where it’s nice and dark so again cleaning is super important after you feed your ox alone so you really want to make sure you’re putting the food in front of your ox Adil’s face, so that they notice it they eat it and right after your either spot cleaning it out with your turkey baster or you’re just doing a water change and you get it all out with your siphon. The thing about these bloodworms is you got to be careful. I’ve only experienced it with this type of food. I don’t know about any other type of food but it’s really important to make sure that they do not get worms stuck in their gills. They will not be able to breathe it happens from time to time. Every time you’d feed um it’s not a big deal you just kind of brush it off. If you see it happen but you do have to wash your ox little. When they are consuming these no one any Occidental’s choking because yes it is possible underwater is the brine shrimp and this one again is super flavorful and I also bought this one in the sheet it does come in cubes but this is what it’ll tend to look like. It’s kind of weird but same process I put it in the little dish and swirl around but I use the turkey baster to put it in my tank and I like to keep it all in one spot that way I’m not putting it everywhere and that’s harder to clean plus your axolotl. Yes, there are pretty good hunters but it’s easier for them if all the food is in one spot so these are cut loaded with multivitamins. They have fatty acids and lipids that are really gonna help your Ox level grow so I highly recommend frozen food that’s a go-to for most people pellets tend to not be as nutritious as these frozen foods because they are frozen. They keep their nutrients and flavor for your ox bottle so it’s better for them and it’s better for you.

Next, I will talk about live words I just started doing this still don’t really know how I feel about it it’s kind of weird I’m not into the whole murdering alive creature but the circle of life. I suppose so I got these from my local pet store and I do not recommend Walmart’s live worms just don’t do it they’re usually not gross but these have supposedly had 24 worms in them. There they come and dirt you keep them refrigerator super-important about these though is because they are in dirt you want to get your worm to output it in a cup of water and get all that dirt off you do not want that going into your tank so what I usually do is I pop the lid open I’ll use my tweezers because I don’t like handling the worms with my fingers. I will just pop it in the cup with water swirl it around and a gun you’re gonna want to use the tweezers to put it right in front of your eye levels face they’ll snap out grab it and they might spit it out pull it back in a few times because their teeth aren’t very sharp they’re just made for grinding like if your Oxana were to bite you. It would not break your skin. So other disclaimers for food you’re gonna want to stay away from anything that has an exoskeleton whether that be krill certain types of worms just stay away from it completely don’t even bother with it because not only is it difficult for your axolotl to digest itself but because they can’t I just sit properly. It’ll usually come out a hole and that will clog up your filter it could break it. It’ll make a huge mess so I just wouldn’t even bother with it so I know when I first started keeping ox levels I was like “How much do I feed them how?” “Do I know how much is the right amount? and I know that on the backs of these it says feed no more than what your fish will consume within 30 to 45 seconds. I don’t think that’s enough time I think a lot of people use the 2-minute rule. I’ll usually give like 5 minutes especially if you notice that your axolotl doesn’t notice the food right away. If they’re on the other side of the tank give them a minute to eat they have to eat to grow and be healthy and overfeeding isn’t the worst thing in the world your Oxana will most likely spin it up but again if you’re doing that if you’re overfeeding every day then that’s gonna be problematic.


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