Hi Everyone, this blog is all about how to care for an axolotl. So the first thing we’re going to talk about is tank size. There are pretty big creatures and they move around a lot however if they don’t do a whole lot of swimming so what I recommend for one axolotl would be a 20 gallon long. This gives them a lot of room to walk along the bottom and still gives them a little bit of height to swim. When I originally got max a lot while we had it in a 10-gallon tank, we had him in there for less than a day because it just we felt so cruel leaving him in there. It just was not enough room now maybe if you’ve had a baby axolotl it could live in a tank down for a bit but you definitely are gonna want to upgrade to the 20 gallons long.

Filter on axolotl tank

Next thing I’d like to talk about is filters. Now there’s a lot of different opinions, on if you should put a filter on your axolotl tank. A big reason is that Absalon’s they don’t like a whole lot of flow in the tank so that’s why people recommend maybe not putting a filter in just cuz it does create flow in the water. However I do have a filter on my tank it’s a 30 gallon aqua clear and I have it set too low and it really doesn’t disturb the water too much it keeps the water quality good so for me personally I recommend having a filter on the tank but just not one that has a lot of power. Another thing I want to talk about is heaters definitely do not put a heater on your axolotl tank, now the reason for this is because axle bottles they do like cold water. Some people even put chillers in their tank that will cool the water. Now I live in Canada so I’m pretty lucky but if you lived in like Florida or any of those you know closer to the equator warm countries. I would definitely recommend putting a cooler or chiller or something in the water to keep it cool but as long as your water is pretty chilly they do tend good mind.

Feeding axolotl

So the next thing I’d like to talk about is feeding. What do you feed your axolotl? it’s very important hexyl all those fill you a lot of different types of things kind of here. She really enjoys a good worm nothing can really replace that for them. I find they just get so excited and its really what they enjoy but you can also feed them bloodworms, Tyler really likes bloodworms. Shrimp frozen should eat that as well did buy these little pellets for axolotls. She doesn’t eat them she just throws them around the tank and just makes a mess. But maybe your axolotl will eat them, they’re designed for axolotls so you could just give that a go. If I could recommend one food for your Exelon it would definitely be the worm.

what can you put with your axolotl?

Next on the list is tink mates, what can you put with your axolotl? Axolotls are pretty friendly with each other you could put two x’s together or three. I have seen cases where axolotls will eat each other’s limbs. It sounds really gross they will grow the limbs back so there can be a little bit of aggression there, but if you had a big enough tank, I don’t see it being a problem flying through another axolotl in this 20 gallon long. I think they might fight just go it’s not a lot of room. If I put them in my 65-gallon tank. I think I’ve had better luck it’s for fish don’t put any fish with your ex a lot. All that your axolotl will try to eat it. I have seen videos online of like little minnows and stuff with their axolotls but I can guarantee you those minnows or whatever they’re putting in with the fish is not going to live long and you have to find a fish that likes cold water as well so it’s just best to not put anything with your ex Lago, if it’s not an axolotl.

Tank setup

Next on the list is very important it is tank setup. What can you put in your tank for an extra level? Now US models are pretty clumsy so I wouldn’t put anything sharp and I wouldn’t put any gravel pieces. Anything that could fit in their mouth mine is like a fine sand so if it does eat the sand it will digest it fine. But if you had like bigger pebbles and they ate the pebbles and it got stuck in a system then yours going to cause a bunch of trouble and your axolotl could die. Sand is the best for gravel or no gravel at all but you don’t want your axolotl sliding around on the bottom of the tank. Either we put a moss ball in our tank Kylie likes to knock it around so you know if you want 20 for your Exelon moss the hosts great I haven’t put any plants in this tank. I don’t know how she’d do with plants I think she would just destroy them when you cut her next thing. I like to talk about his behavior kind like a really gets excited when I come to the tank. She was always swimming around wherever I am. She gets really excited to see people she wasn’t always like that. The first few months she hit a lot so that was pretty normal but now that she’s comfortable with us. She always follows me around the tank and just they cool to watch and see when you turn the tank light on she’ll swim around and just get really excited. So they’re really rewarding that way there. If you have any queries about axolotls kindly email us.


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