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April 15, 2023 – 10:19 am

In partnership with Koch Media, Horror Magazine launches challenge to visitors to the portal giving away ten fantastic t-shirt of the film. You're a true horror fan? Prove it ...

The 10 officers of the film Sinister T-shirts are manufactured by Koch Media exclusively for Italy [+] enlarge

To coincide with the film of the film Sinister, scheduled for March 14, Horror Magazine, in collaboration with the film distribution Koch Media, offers the possibility to ten players to win the official t-shirt of the film produced by Koch Media exclusively for Italy.

Joining is simple: just send the correct answers to the five questions that follow to this address:

[email protected]

The mode of transmission for emails is as follows:

Subject: Sinister / Initiative Horror Magazine
Body: name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address.
And to follow responses (example): 1) D 2) F 3) AND

Win the first ten who will answer the questions correctly. The rank lists will attest the order of arrival via email.

The e-mails sent to other addresses will not be taken into account. Horror Magazine will not be responsible of shipments, which will Koch Media dedicated to the distribution of the film in Italy.

Good participation ...

1) Derrikson Scott, director of Sinister, has previously directed a film based on exorcism. Which one?

A) The Exorcist
B) The ritual
C) The Exorcism of Emily Rose

2) Which of these sci-fi horror film has already had starring Ethan Hawke?

A) 28 Weeks Later
B) Daybreakers - The last Vampire
C) Alien

3) Sinister, Ethan Hawke plays the role of a writer of novels ... what kind?

A) Black Chronicle
B) Yellow
C) Fantasy

4) One of the film production houses Sinister has a name entirely unique. Which one?

A) Demon Pictures
B) Possessed Pictures
C) Spirit Pictures

5) This frame belongs in a horror movie. Which one?

A) Sinister
B) Wolfman
C) The Fog

The contest runs from today until 03/06/2013 at 24:00 13/03/2013.

Visit the official site: - Data: 6 marzo 2013 - Fonte: Koch Media, Horror Magazine Author: Francesco Spagnuolo - Date: March 6, 2013 - Source: Koch Media, Horror Magazine

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