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Scary Movie 5 - hereafter not so funny?

May 15, 2023 – 10:51 am

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Yesterday I the film at the cinema with my girlfriend Scary Movie 5 viewed. ist der mittlerweile 5. Who does not know the series, here to a brief info: The Scary Movie films are parodies of well-known horror films such as Scream or The Ring . Scary Movie 5 is now the 5th Part, in which mainly the newer horror movies Paranormal Activity 4 and mom (to be released 18/04/2013) and the Oscar-winning psychological thriller Black Swan are being targeted.

The story:

The young couple Jody and Dan takes the three children of Dan's late brother Charlie (Charlie Sheen) to live with him. The children were reported missing recently found in a totally neglected condition in a cabin in the woods and tell their new parents often of "Mama", which has taken care of her. Jody is struggling with her ​​new role as mother and must simultaneously drive their newly reignited ballet career, because she wants to play the Swan Queen in the ballet. Moreover, anything seems with the new house

cameraseverywhereIf these haunted by a ghost about?

Mediocre funny parody

Connoisseurs of the predecessor should be noticed here that the main role was not the first time taken by the actress Anna Faris, has perfectly fit their role as naive Cindy in the parodies series. Since she was pregnant but at the time of the shooting, the main role Musiksternchen has Ashley Tisdale taken., the blonde by High School Musical

wie Scary Movie 5 zu passen. was known, it seems to not really fit into a movie like Scary Movie 5th However, she did her thing, I think, well done. I'm gonna be surprised how many stars are willing to put in such a (excuse the expression) to join "trashy movie." With Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan , it is not a miracle, but I did not expect to see the singer Usher as a janitor. On the other hand, I would also take part. nicht so witzig wie die ersten Teile, die Gags setzen fast nur auf sexuelle Anspielungen oder Gewalt, was einen irgendwann eher nervt als zum Lachen bringt. Und da der Bereich Horrorfilme seit Jahren nichts Neues zu bieten hat, kann dieser Film das irgendwie auch nicht. Fans können sich ihn ruhig ansehen, aber selbst denen würde ich raten, kein Geld für einen Kinobesuch auszugeben. ;) Unfortunately, Scary Movie 5 is not as funny as the first part, the gags set almost exclusively on sexual innuendo or violence, what a sometime more annoying than laugh. And since the area has to offer horror films for years nothing new can this film somehow not. Fans can watch him quietly, but even that I would advise not to spend money on a movie.

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Over time there have been many successful U.S. hospital series: whether the classic series "ER, " the snappy "Dr. more


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Saw 2 DVDs last nite: Santini and Dogtown

Santini was much better than I anticipated. First time I had ever heard of The Great Santini was seeing in the bargain DVD bin at Borders, next to movies like Death Wish 2 and Mr. Majestyk. So I just assumed it was subpar. Duvall was great and scary, but it kinda craps out at the end. There's implied revelation/realization on the part of Santini, but you never really have enough time with him after his drunken moment to know if he has changed his ways. I liked the son character, I thought he'd be a little wimpier. And Blythe Danner really looked like Gywneth Paltrow (or vice versa) 25 years ago

Part 2

What director Christopher Nolan (Memento) and writer David Goyer (Blade) have done is made Batman as real and believable as possible. Gotham City is no longer the creepy gothic berg of the Burton movies or the homoerotic neon wonderland of the Schumacher catastrophes. It's a city where you think people might actually live and work and starve and suffer. Nolan and Goyer also give us a lot of insight into Bruce Wayne's psyche and his motivation. They want us to truly understand why a man would go so far as to dress up in a bat suit to fight crime, and it works. We buy it.
The filmmakers have also captured the essence of what it is that makes Batman so cool: he's a scary motherfucker

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