Film Review: "Scary or Die" (2012)

August 29, 2013 – 01:25

Film Review: "Scary or Die" (2012)

Scary or Die - Story

The ominous website "Scary or Die" comes up with all sorts of weird clips that a young lady now interested leads to mind.Each clip tells a gruesome story,at the end of the respective main protagonist must leave his life ....

Scary or Die - Review

In the indie production "Scary or Die, " the friend experienced film again a fairly motley confusion diced Horror soup that comes up with a variety of subgenres.In typical "Creepshow" style viewers are served by five high-blown horror stories,some more,some are less convincing.Main focus here is the most comprehensive history of this short-story collection entitled "Clowned, " smiles against the main protagonist of the film buff cheeky and frivolous salable cover the Blu-ray/DVD.To anticipate: Film friends who decide to purchase this only produced for the home theater market title alone just because of the lurid poster should be mercilessly disappointed.Because different than you probably expected due to this nasty bargain grinning clown mask is in this short story to any rough Killer Clown strips.

The story segment "Clowned" manifests itself rather than todtrauriges horror drama,that of a young black man is that is involuntarily bitten by an evil clown and mutated into shuffle mode.Instead of the conventional route to celebrate violence for its own sake will this story end with an almost poetic and melancholy-looking images.
Also "Teujung's Lament" is worth seeing.This story is about a single man who has lost his lovely wife some time ago.6 points Final In his grief and his endless dreary solitude,he meets an unknown beauty,which he rescued from an awkward position.As a thank you for his efforts,the stranger equips it with an unforgettable evening - with unpredictable end.

With "Teujung's Lament",the film friend experienced an unpleasant,taciturn Post,who lives alone only of its extremely grueling,sad and depressed mood that one has not seen in a genre film in this way for a long time.Accordingly,the inevitably cheesy end-consistently expressed in its form as a beautiful redemption,at least for the suffering protagonist of the story.
As in "Clowned" before this short story will benefit the slow narrative flow,which can be time,the audience to explain the situation in full detail so that it can identify with the characters.No words needed "Teujung's Lament" to outline his two characters.Here are only gestures,facial expressions and the defining fate of the male protagonists to tell a simple,yet highly effective story that manages to captivate even without bloodshed.
Ever is "Scary or Die" little show-off in terms of "splatter horror, " but that does not mean that should not even friends earthy violence come into their own in this anthology Strip.The first story "The Crossing" is at least vonstatten not squeamish when it comes to "tangible" conversation.This segment is about two sociopathic hillbillies who travel with the girlfriend of one of the Mexican border.Once there,the two men reveal the true intention of their trip,what everyone has an unpleasant end result.


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In theaters nationwide.
For so many reasons:
The 50th anniversary of November, 22nd, 1963.
To re-connect a new generation of younger Americans ( and re-entertain us older ones ) with the only major commercially successful film of one of the top 3 most important world and nation changing events in our 20th century history.
The movie is one of the top ten American films ever made in my opinion.
Not just because it so successfully captures the almost unbelievable nation and world traumatizing power of the actual monstrously brutal and evil act,
But also because it courageously tackled one of our most controversial and society debated events head on despite an avalanche of rage filled national criticism

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So, I'm obsessed with Halloween. So what?! I've had a lot of candy corn today so don't mess with me man....
I feel like Halloween has been completely burned into my brain. From not initially being allowed to see it first run, to sneaking in, to the memory of the creepy soulless young Michael...the mask is ripped off his face.
There used to be statistics that it was one of the largest grossing independent films, but I'm guessing those have been overturned by now. Michael Meyers' mask was actually a Captain Kirk/Shatner mask they painted white, which always cracked me up!
Such a great marriage of dread & suspense and just enough gore to make you wonder why you were watching them

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I had trouble getting through this one, though my tolerance for children's movies is low. Like so many of the painful animated films marketed to kids, this live action film relied on 'action' to make up for a really bad script. With the wealth of the Spiderwick books at their disposal, it's terribly sad to view this spindly little film. There's just nothing to it.
Further, I took my six year old. He is very brave and will not be affected but the movie is pretty scary! Much more intensity and gore than I had expected and it just comes out of nowhere. Other movies like Narnia include some intense scenes but they're part of an intense movie

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