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August 29, 2013 – 01:26

Cosmopolis, a new film by David Cronenberg - myMzone Blog

Next week you will see the beautiful photos of a country wedding, the wedding of Lina and Olavo. But for those who want to see a "straw", I love this style of video coming soon. Watch and says in 2 minutes you can not get emotional and be dying to see more of the video?

For those who like to repair the technical part, this video was recorded with crane, steadycam, rail, 5D and 7D cameras and studying always the best way to capture audio. In post-production color was edited to look like a photograph more vintage, as we see in epics. All this because Nando Federice want increasingly looks like a movie.

Video: Edu Federice Photo & Films


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In theaters nationwide.
For so many reasons:
The 50th anniversary of November, 22nd, 1963.
To re-connect a new generation of younger Americans ( and re-entertain us older ones ) with the only major commercially successful film of one of the top 3 most important world and nation changing events in our 20th century history.
The movie is one of the top ten American films ever made in my opinion.
Not just because it so successfully captures the almost unbelievable nation and world traumatizing power of the actual monstrously brutal and evil act,
But also because it courageously tackled one of our most controversial and society debated events head on despite an avalanche of rage filled national criticism

Halloween. The Movies.

So, I'm obsessed with Halloween. So what?! I've had a lot of candy corn today so don't mess with me man....
I feel like Halloween has been completely burned into my brain. From not initially being allowed to see it first run, to sneaking in, to the memory of the creepy soulless young Michael...the mask is ripped off his face.
There used to be statistics that it was one of the largest grossing independent films, but I'm guessing those have been overturned by now. Michael Meyers' mask was actually a Captain Kirk/Shatner mask they painted white, which always cracked me up!
Such a great marriage of dread & suspense and just enough gore to make you wonder why you were watching them

I found a new movie reviewer!

I had trouble getting through this one, though my tolerance for children's movies is low. Like so many of the painful animated films marketed to kids, this live action film relied on 'action' to make up for a really bad script. With the wealth of the Spiderwick books at their disposal, it's terribly sad to view this spindly little film. There's just nothing to it.
Further, I took my six year old. He is very brave and will not be affected but the movie is pretty scary! Much more intensity and gore than I had expected and it just comes out of nowhere. Other movies like Narnia include some intense scenes but they're part of an intense movie

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Here is where it all hits the fan, folks.

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When saas-bahu serials on television were in their prime, critics didn't hesitate before pointing a finger at the regressive picture of the big fat Indian family that these shows allegedly painted.

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