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Coming Soon | Lina + Olavo | Dressed Bride | Fernanda Floret

April 20, 2023 – 10:23 am

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Next week you will see the beautiful photos of a country wedding, the wedding of Lina and Olavo. But for those who want to see a "straw", I love this style of video coming soon. Watch and says in 2 minutes you can not get emotional and be dying to see more of the video?

For those who like to repair the technical part, this video was recorded with crane, steadycam, rail, 5D and 7D cameras and studying always the best way to capture audio. In post-production color was edited to look like a photograph more vintage, as we see in epics. All this because Nando Federice want increasingly looks like a movie.

Video: Edu Federice Photo & Films


And Soon The Darkness
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Coming soon is RetarDEAD

If you know what movie I am talking about you will be thrilled to know that the trailer for RetarDEAD showcases incredible 70s era gore FX. I for one cannot wait
also this year coming up are Romero's own Land of the Dead and Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses sequel The Devil's Reject's, alone making 2005 a banner year for horror movies, cineplex dreck notwithstanding.
I have also see where Rover "Pulp Fiction" Avery has written a horror movie based on a horror video game "Silent Hill"

* " Hey'... how about a movie ? '

Spring, summer is here... - what you need first... is to get some time with her. Let her have a fun, nice moment with you, to 'see you' as interesting, funny, a nice guy... Everybody can talk about movies, their favorite, the one you just saw, something interesting that is coming out soon, something based on a book, play, etc., * Think of one or two that you might like ahead of time that you have liked...& Why ? Be prepared to have full sentence conversations about something, showing that you do think. IMO, no horror movies unless it's really something SHE really wants to see... Adventure, comedy, a romance one

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