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August 29, 2013 – 01:25

And we're back with another TOP! This time I present the TOP 10 of the scariest scenes in horror movies.
Before too must warn you that this article contains scenes that I consider the scariest movie I've ever seen, may soon provide spoilers in movies that you readers have not seen. Secondly, once again I must stress that probably will be a list that I can omit the great classics of Terror, but I'll give you just know the scenes that just for me are the most scary and still today "matutam "in my head. The margin for subjectivity is of course considerably. Here are my 10 terrifying scenes ... Share with us your opinion!

1. The Ring (2002) - "Samara comes out on television"

It can be a surprising number 1. Tell yourself what you say, it is undeniable that this scene shiver the spine of anyone. I saw this movie very young and traumatized me. When Samara comes out on television and revealed, in addition to being the highlight of the film was the moment I'm most scared of all the horror movies I've ever seen. And that's really something!

2. REC (2007) - "The discovery of the girl Medeiros"

"REC" debuted in 2007 and revolutionized undoubtedly gender. First of all never thought that a Spanish film had as much success as "REC" had (until there was an American remake, "Quarantine"). Although the style of the particular chamber, "REC" always manages to keep us glued to the screen ... Especially in the last 10 minutes of the film. Beyond the play of light / camera, which gives a degree of realism amazing, the work of the actors in this scene is phenomenal. Angela Vidal and her camera-man came to the loft is everything is erased. Just have your night vision camera to guide them. But behold, in the midst of darkness, faced with a terrifying image, the girl Medeiros, Patient Zero Virus ... Only the figure of this character is frightening by itself. But the expectations generated during the movie, the tense atmosphere that felt, make this scene the best endings ever for a movie. Truly disturbing.

3. Exorcist III Legion (1990) - "Scene Nurse in Hallway" I think that this movie is the most underrated sequels of all time. It's even a movie of great quality, and certainly that will be forever remembered for the scene that was noticed below: The scene of the nurse in the hallway. More effective that this is impossible. It's the best scene that exemplifies how the noise impact is important in a fright. It is those filmed by far, with a seemingly normal environment in which we witnessed a nurse simply closing a door ... Nothing surprising so far. Until we are completely albarroados with a figure in white behind her with a knife. I must say that was the scene that almost fell off my chair in surprise, given their nature as little expected.

Source: depoisdocinema.blogspot.com

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This woman was a well placed executive in a Fortune 500 company. She didn't want negative ideas to pollute her mind so scary movies and dramas like "The Changeling" were out of the question.
We saw Madagascar. She said it had "Metaphysical meaning" I didn't ask her to explain.
After this waste of time, she insisted on watching every credit roll as she grinned and grooved to the music (which was mediocre at best) Occasional she would giggle at some of the names rolling on the screen.
I am 45 years old and I have never watched all the credits of the movie in my life, not even when I am watching Showtime and waiting for a new movie.
Do other people do that?


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