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Conjuring: Spectators frightened by the horror film ... (VIDEO)

April 28, 2023 – 10:31 am

And So it Begins...: Top 10 Home Invasion Movies

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Scary, scary, creepy, horrifying ... Conjuring the film: The Warren records, released yesterday, really scared viewers we met Wednesday at the output of the cinema! Our vox ...

The horror film, Conjuring: The Warren records , released yesterday in theaters in France, is based on a true story ... Two and terrifying paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, are helping a terrorized by an ominous presence family in their isolated farm ... The paranormal history, scary movie, but not that ... during the filming and production of the film, strange things would have happened ... The phone conversations writers, twins Chad and Carey Hayes, were often strangely cut ... The actress Vera Farmiga , who plays Lorraine Warren it discovered five claw marks on his computer screen just before she is about to read the script ...

Although the film tells a single story, that of Perron, Ed and Lorraine Warren mediums were inspired about 4000 cases on which they were able to work throughout their career. "My goal was to integrate the story hallucinating events that they had arrived, while remaining faithful to the Perron case, "says director James Wan.

Considered too scary, Conjuring: The Warren records, is a horror movie rated "R" ("Restricted") in the United States ... it is prohibited for Americans under 17 unaccompanied! The film carries a card overseas, with more than 130 million dollars in revenue for a budget of $ 20 million. There will be such a success in France? Following the testimony of our protagonists, he has every chance!

Bonus: the trailer Conjuring!

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Tetiana Pryimachuk - Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 15h22

What is the best new French series of the year?

What are you watching tonight?


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A New Christmas Carol Movie

I'm interested in getting some movie-goers' opinions on an upcoming possible project I might be working on.
Although there have been several (and often disappointing) television version of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" there have only been 2 feature films with theatrical releases actually based on the original book. Both were done pre-1950 (I believe), but only one (with Alasitir Sim) was any good. All others were either made for TV (the George C. Scott one was the best) or were variations on the theme, such as "Scrooged" and "A Muppet Christmas Carol." But there's never been a good, highly stylized, big-budget version

Independent Exposure's HALLOWEIRD 2008

Independent Exposure's HALLOWEIRD 2008 - FILM SCREENING!!
Bollyhood Cafe
Wednesday Oct. 29th
Halloweird has become a yearly institution for Independent Exposure - bringing audiences the best in hallowed, strange, gross, controversial, odd and just plain weird films and this year’s program is no different. Themes ponder death, solitude and alienation, from the ironic homage to the cemetery of The Green Grass of Twilight to revisiting a relationship between a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl in Transrexia, or the obsessive body maintenance of Little Clips, this program is sure leave audiences appropriately unsettled for Halloween

I think i remember them this way

Part 1 - scary, nice to see johnny depp as in an early role
2 - takes place at a pool party or something right? and doesn't seem to fit into the rest of the films
3: dream warriors - this is the one at the insane asylum i think. kind of scary, kind of funny, lots of fun
4: dream master - kind of a rehash of #3 with the 1 survivor back home now, but mostly just dumb.
5: dream chil...d i think. otherwise nothing special. wasn't the girl pregnant with freddy's baby or something? i dont even remember.
6: final nightmare - i dont even remember this one but didn't the end have like jason's hand reach up and pull freddy to hell or something?
7: wes craven's new nightmare - actually pretty clever film, lots of good scares, maybe the best in the series outside of the first.

It's personal: Obamas carried $120000 student loan debt for decades  — Daily Caller
Including undergraduate loans, the Obamas owed a combined $120,000 after college. They did not settle their debts until 2004, when Obama signed a $1.9 million book deal to write “The Audacity of Hope.” He was also elected to the U.S. Senate that year.

Sprockets and Splices Episode 1
TV Series Episode Video on Demand ()

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