10 commercials most frightening world

August 29, 2013 – 01:24

It is certain that these are not horror movies but some spots offensive to viewers, especially very young, and lead ban. Among the countries most "cautious" one finds all the Anglo-Saxon countries and different regulatory bodies particularly effective.

Dulux - Australia - 2010

Kfee - Germany - 2006

All versions for 6 minutes of happiness

Dentin - International - 2011

Another spot, another room with the campaign for its particularly powerful Dentine gum. Here, needless to say why the withdrawal of the campaign which looks more like a bad horror movie trailer as a true advertising. Again, the idea is good, achieving not bad, but the second level too advanced.

Domestos - UK - Agency Lowe - 2004

In 2004, Domestos out a spot that aims to tell the story of a seed facing the arrival of Domestos, product maintenance. Nothing too bad but this spot, with a very good achievement, was removed because the screens too scary for children. Under pressure from the Advertising Standards Authority and several complaints from viewers, the brand had to remove this little spot of English screens.

Premier Inn - Great Britain - 2010

Other country but still in Britain, the Premier Inn is inspired by the movie "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick in 1980. Before a "too threatening tone" and too realistic film, the brand had to withdraw his spot children's channels. Half-censorship again carried out under order of the Advertising Standards Authority.

Phones4U - Great Britain - 2011

With more than 180 complaints to the ASA and over 1 million views on film, Phones 4U campaign was a success despite his "scary" character. And if we insist on the quotes is because this advertising sweat the second degree by all pixels , to such an extent that it would almost be funny. Inspired by The Exorcist, found the little girl possessed ready to prevent the best deals. A fun synopsis does not allow the advertiser to the growing number of complaints, keeping his campaign on television.

Nike - USA - 2007

Other diversion of movie, this one-time from Nike with the use of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To promote interest to the spot (in Nike if possible) the winged brand logo has decided to leave the campaign. Frankly a funny spot, found rather well, but it also removed the screens.

London Dungeon - United Kingdom - 2010

So with all these campaigns, it is possible to see that fear is a good way to attempt to integrate the second degree and some special effects in campaigns that want innovative. However, regulatory authorities and consumers worldwide do not hear the second degree of the same ear as advertising and therefore censorship because of his work again by removing the campaigns of "traditional" mainstream media. Fortunately, the Internet keeps everything and sometimes becomes a kind of anti-chamber test before a possible television broadcast. While some campaigns of this kind come to mind do not hesitate to add them!
Adding Elie - Dirt Devil - USA - 2011 Perfection in a spot


Source: www.advertisingtimes.fr

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Showed that.
I don't know if they were public domain by then or the programmer had good taste?
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It was probably what made me like movies.

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