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May 1, 2023 – 10:33 am

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"We need to talk about Kevin" by Lynne Ramsay (2011) Independent / 2011 Cannes Film Festival

Various social fact or fate?Kevin commits the age of 16 carnage at school and kills his family.See no parallel with Anders Behring Breivik,the perpetrator of the massacre in Norway in July. We need to talk about Kevin is the new film from Lynne Ramsay Columbia released this September 28th in France. The title does not mean the movie,but we spectators.A feature in the form of psychological horror that shook us,but leaves the relevant question the responsibility of wide open crime.

An open door overlooking the garden,a curtain moves.A fanatical crowd in the mud shoulder a woman to sacrifice.When Eve wakes up and gets up,shakes his life.Oppressive scenes that open the film and we locked in history.

Lynne Ramsay narrates the life of Eva,a happy woman until the child arrives.It will soon be overwhelmed by her baby and prefer the sound of jackhammers to cries uninterrupted her newborn.Kevin grew up,but it still does not speaks to the woman he never called mom.It is extremely odd,navigates between autism and bad faith.On the other side,the husband and the doctor temper the anger of the mother and make him understand that everything is normal. Thus,Kevin became the center of family world,at the expense of the mother.The only passion is the little monster archery.He constantly seeks goals and limits.Since he does not find in his family,he delivers his arrows ... and achieved his goal.After the massacre,it seems filled,happy,for the first time.

The film is about guilt

Lynne Ramsay,director of "We need to talk about Kevin"

Independent / 2011 Cannes Film Festival

In the Scottish director "all the film is about guilt."Ramsay gives us dizzy with interspersed sequences.For her,this is "a film full of emotions."Lynne Ramsay wears us (too) with the color of blood,troubled images and repeated nightmares.The flashbacks and the soundtrack to the mocking spirit balladent us from prison,tidy bourgeois life of old and the plight of the mother after the tragedy.She,who had always suffered most manipulations of his son,feels guilty and accept the punishment to stay and live in the small town where every inhabitant hate and terrorize.

This is not a horror film,but a film about family.Tilda Swinton excels in the role of mother "internalized and very lonely" who walks around with a blank look,worthy of a ghost.The young actor Ezra Miller ("I'm really scared to have a little Kevin in me") manages to embody perfectly the evil child while remaining credible and enigmatic.This is Kevin,after two years in prison,which has the final word on why question: "Before I knew it,now I know more."

Lynne Ramsay

Lynne Ramsay was born in Glasgow in 1969.She made ​​her first steps in Cannes in 1996 with Small Deaths, a short film which won the Jury Prize in the competition.His first feature film arrived in Cannes in 1999 when Ratcatcher is presented in Un Certain Regard, off the Festival selection.In 2002,English gets Morvern Callar for the Youth Award Foreign Language Film in Cannes.
We need to talk about Kevin, is based on the novel of the American Lionel Shriver.


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