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Details Category: Classic Movies Created on August 13, 2011 August 13, 2011 Written by Guzman Urrero While Hammer was associated name from the fifties to the horror genre, its origins have nothing to do with this genre. The firm's history dates back to 1934.

It is on that date that William Hinds, a jeweler in London, decided to diversify its business by investing a portion of its assets in the production of films. Hinds's fondness for the show is not new. During his youth he had taken his little talent on the stages of Hammersmith district in London as part of the comedy duo "Hammer and Smith", which one can only say that it is one of many that proliferated in England during the heyday of the genre burlesque comedian known as characterized by content and spicy comedy of manners. Taking the name of the duo, Hinds Hammer called his new company.

The first film was released The public life of Henry the ninth (1935), a film by Bernard Mainwaring whose title refers to a recent success of Alexander Korda, The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933). However, this is a production that can be framed in the historical genre, because the protagonist is a league comic escaping the hardship reciting verses in the taverns of London. Other films of the young studio, including The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (1936) and The Song of Freedom (1936) confirm the apparent lack of ambition of the producer and, especially, the narrowness of media available in the shootings. Even the presence of disturbing Bela Lugosi in the first of which attracted the audience.

A smart businessman, Enrico Racing, William Hinds approached with the intention of changing this situation in depth and stalking to become dangerously deficient. Carreras was co-director of the production company since 1937 and was also the promoter of a subsidiary which acted as a distributor, Exclusive Films. His arrival, on the other hand, opened a film dynasty that marked the destiny of the company, as his son James will be one of its executive producers and son, Michael, one of the most renowned directors and officers. Something similar can be said of one William Hinds, whose eldest son, Anthony, is also producer and, hiding behind the pseudonym John Elder, director of some films Hammer.

Source: www.thecult.es

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Christopher Lee Hates 'Obscene' Modern Horror

Horror Icon Lee Hates 'Obscene' Modern Horror
Horror movie icon Sir Christopher Lee has branded modern fright films "obscene".
The British actor, who was a regular in the cult Hammer horror films of the 1960s and 1970s, tells CNN that movies like the "Saw" franchise, "The Hills Have Eyes," "Halloween" and "Cabin Fever" leave him feeling sick.
Lee says, "I find it quite nauseating what they do. The blood is all over the screen like an avalanche - the mutilation - dreadful things, and I just don't enjoy that."

Best horror video selection?

What video store in Seattle has the best selection of horror movies? I'm moving there, so I want to know. I'm talking about wide selections of J-horror, Korean horror, giallo, Hammer studios stuff, obscurities, schlock, gore, dead camp counselors, Frank Hennenlotter Presents, Dave Friedman's Something Weird series, acclaimed indie horror like "Malevolence" and "Dead Birds", the whole shmear...just tell me who has the broadest selection in town. (Here in Boston, it's Video Oasis, hands down. If anyone ever asks you, you'll know.)

Daughters of Darkness

As a horror genre fan, there are few real surprises in watching a vampire movie. i was not expecting a (somewhat watered-down) art house take on the subject when i rented DoD, though.
i wouldn't want to over praise the movie really, because it does have a lot of gaps in quality (read: hammy euro acting). but the locations and the photography really elevate this far above the world of, say, Dark Shadows or the Hammer movies.
i would say this is about 3.5 netflix star-rating. definitely something for fans of Fearless Vampire hunters, Hammer movies with Christopher Lee, etc

RIP Alfred

Michael Gough, who is best known for playing trustworthy butler Alfred Pennyworth in Tim Burton's "Batman" films as well as "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin," has died. He was 94.
Kicking off his career in 1946, Gough starred in over 150 movies and TV shows throughout his time as an actor. He was a staple of the Hammer Films from the 1950s and 1960s and was loved as The Celestial Toymaker in the first run of "Doctor Who." His last major film role was supplying the Dodo Bird's voice in Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."
Alfred Pennyworth
In the public sphere, the role Gough will be best known for is as Bruce Wayne's trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth in the "Batman" series

Same TV station

Showed that.
I don't know if they were public domain by then or the programmer had good taste?
As I can remember it showed at various; The Magic Christian, Sahara with Bogart, Freaks, Island of Lost Souls, The Universal horror movies from the 30's, The Planet of the Apes series, Night of the Hunter, Ruggles of Red Gap... and the better Hammer films.
It was probably what made me like movies.

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