Hammer Films 20 Films (Update)

April 14, 2023 – 10:18 am

2iHkVfd.jpg Description:
The series includes some gems of horror classics and makes every fan heart
beat. The Hammer films were in the 1930s to early 1980s
produced by the company Hammer Films. After more than 20 years, the
legendary studios revived again in 2007 under new management. Play the movies
mostly from the horror or science fiction genre.
Hammer Films linked the first film company, the British Gothic
Tradition with the bloody atrocities of the French Théâtre du Grand-
Guignol. With this explicit representation Hammer led the bloody details
first major innovation a genre since the horror films of the 1930s
Many film classics such as the Dracula films with Christopher Lee, who
alongside Peter Cushing one of the regulars of the actor production company, was
are Hammer productions.

HaFi.Circus.der.Vampire.1972 \
HaFi.Das.duestere.Haus.1965 \
HaFi.Der.Fluch.von.Siniestro.1961 \
HaFi.Der.Kuss.des.Vampirs.1963 \
HaFi.Die.Braut.des.Satans.1976 \
HaFi.Die.Brennenden.Augen.von.Schloss.Bartimore.1964 \
HaFi.Die.Carmilla.Karnstein.Draculas.Hexenjagd.1971 \
HaFi.Die.Carmilla.Karnstein.Nur.Vampire.kuessen.blutig.1971 \
HaFi.Die.Carmilla.Karnstein.Trilogie.Gruft.der.Vampire.1970 \
HaFi.Die.Frau.in.schwarz.2012 \
HaFi.Dracula.1958 \
HaFi.Draculas.Rueckkehr.1968 \
HaFi.Eine.Million.Jahre.vor.unserer.Zeit.1966 \
HaFi.Frankensteins.Fluch.1957 \
HaFi.Haus.des.Grauens.1963 \
HaFi.Let.Me.In.2010 \
HaFi.The.Resident.2010 \
HaFi.Wake.Wood.2011 \
HaFi.War.es.wirklich.Mord.1965 \

Size: 720 MB - 6 GB per movie | Language: Ger / Eng | PG: 12-18 | Subtitles: None
Format: DVDR / DVD / DTV Rip | Genre: Horror / horror / adventure / etc
The usual visitors password by email!
Each film individually loadable!
Declaration to download the individual films:
Invite the JDownloader to complete container.
The link collector then you see the consequences listed individually and can choose
what or who you want to have!
Hoster: SO + UL

Hammer Films Update

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