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April 10, 2023 – 10:12 am

Sickle and Hammer

To finish this folder on a lighter note, let's look at the character of today's cult film Draws, City of Fear. In the feature film projectionists Red is Dead, a bad horror film, are murdered one after the other by a serial killer. Odile Deray (Chantal Lauby), the press officer of the film sees an unexpected quickly to ensure good coverage occasion. With these killings, the film becomes the event of the Cannes Festival.

The killer wears a welding mask and a set of mechanic. It uses a sickle and a hammer to kill his victims.
Not very smart, it galley quite complete before reaching its target. The identity of the murderer is revealed at the end of the movie, while everyone accuses Commissioner Patrick BIALES (Gérard Darmon) Serge (Alain Chabat), a bodyguard unmasks, Emile Gravel, a former comrade of Odile. This, in love with her for years, committed all these crimes so that the young woman recalling him.

Directed by Alain Berberian (director of fake ads and fake clips Draws) in 1994, the city of Fear knows at the time a great success and remains today the cultisime film of the comedy troupe Dummies. Not to mention his legendary replicas! ("You can fool a person a thousand times, but it can not be deceived ... uh ... if you can fool once a ... uh ... nah, you can not go wrong once ... )

Report compiled by Audrey Soto

Source: www.commeaucinema.com

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