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March 31, 2023 – 09:00 am

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Misery is a film adaptation of Stephen King 's novel It by director Rob Reiner on a screenplay by William Goldman from the year 1990 .

Paul Sheldon, a successful novelist, completed his latest book in a remote cabin in the mountains. When the novel is finished, he makes with the manuscript on the way home to New York. Due to a snow storm, he comes off the road and was seriously injured. A woman named Annie Wilkes, Paul saves from the wrecked car and takes him to live with him in the house where she retired with a pig named Misery lives. The former nurse turns out to be "his biggest fan". Because of the snow storm has interrupted all communication to the outside, she tries gesundzupflegen him.

Thanks to Paul, they can take a look at the manuscript of his new book throw what they love. But she is appalled that Paul makes the heroine die, and puts him to aggressive speech. She forces him to burn his manuscript, in Paul's knowledge of superstition never to make copies of his original manuscripts. Since it's clear that no other novel Misery is provided Annie lets out her anger on the Paul tied to the bed and forces him to continue the saga Misery.

Meanwhile, Paul has found a way out of his room. In addition to extensive stockpiling he discovers evidence of the murder of her father, a student nurse and a pediatrician. Annie was employed as head nurse of the nursery and later arrested for homicide cases to babies. Paul steals a knife to be prepared for the worst. Despite his caution Annie comes behind his intentions and then breaks it with a sledgehammer's feet to prevent him from further escape attempts.

Meanwhile, the sheriff is suspicious, finds Annie's biography in the media and, after he found Paul in their basement, shot by Annie. When Annie Paul submitted that they both want to take the life of them, he asks for some time to finish the novel for posterity. Then he wanted to celebrate the event with her before they both choose to commit suicide together. As it happens, Paul burns the manuscript and forced Annie kills in a fierce battle. Later, he rejects a historical novel about his experiences with Annie Wilkes: "I want to dig out the worst horror of my life, just so we make a few bucks?"

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Stephen King's novel You was published in 1987. Like most of King's books, it was a great success, and Hollywood snapped up the fabric. However, since King was happy with the fewest adaptations of his novels, he held the film rights back now. It was only when he called Rob Reiner, was a king himself to negotiations. Reiner had previously been the corpse (as Stand by Me - The secret of a summer ) filmed one of the few film adaptations of King's novels, the king liked. He sold the film rights to Castle Rock Entertainment, with the condition that Rob Reiner had to either produce or direct.

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