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Founded in 1934 but with two decades of glory between 1950 and 1970, the Hammer was distinguished for their gothic horror films, for their risks in terms of gore and eroticism, and for allowing its makers confront the genre in an adult way and strong personal stamp art.

Not only horror lived and that the company is exposed also in the YouTube channel that launched because in its catalog of free online movies available now also offers police, mystery films, science fiction and even comedies.

However, if something will be remembered for his unforgettable Hammer's contributions to the horror genre. In fact, it has focused on his return today, with gender productions as The Resident (with Hilary Swank) and The Woman in Black (with Daniel Radcliffe).

Two sides of the company
Few producers can be attributed to other actors work so sustained and continuous as is the case with Peter Cushing Hammer and Christopher Lee.

It was the 1950s and the production company was established as a house of the genre with its dazzling successes The Quatermass Experiment (which, strictly speaking, is more science fiction than horror) of 1955 and its 1957 sequel Quatermass 2.

That same year came his all and his consecration off with The Curse of Frankenstein, where necessary recreated the gothic novel by Mary Shelley but acartonamiento discarded all previous versions, making it almost tangible horror.

And in this success were irreplaceable parts Peter Cushing, in the skin of Baron Victor Von Frankenstein, and Christopher Lee, in the skin of the monster. The director, Terence Fisher, also became a piece added to Cushing-Lee combo and the best of the Hammer production.

With this adaptation of Frankenstein, the producer began his career in the horror genre flat and smooth, immediately generating a large turnout on public both in his native United Kingdom and the United States, where it was distributed by Warner Brothers.

However, it was in 1958 that came his great success: Dracula. Again repeating previous success (Fisher at the address, Cushing as Van Helsing and Lee as the nefarious Count), Hammer made one of the most successful approaches to character imagined by Bram Stoker, in the image of Lee would become hauntingly scary.

Hammer's Dracula was a being bloody, evil, cruel and, to blush at the time, erotic. This erotic vampire, now commonplace, other films would be developed by the later production, especially in the late 1960s and in its last throes of glory, during the 1970s.

The pair prodigaría Cushing-Lee and again in Hammer films and consecrate both actors separately on numerous occasions miles and miles of bloody celluloid.

In 1959, reinvented The Mummy (with Cushing as the archaeologist John Banning and Lee as the walking dead). Cushing repeat the role of Von Frankenstein The Revenge of Frankenstein (1959), The Evil of Frankenstein (1964) Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) and three sequels derived from inexhaustible character.

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