'The woman in black', the revival of the Hammer

May 13, 2023 – 10:49 am

lamujerdenegrof1 Hammer Film Productions, the legendary British production,which have left a number of horror gems,many of them headed by Professor Terence Fisher-which powerfully influenced modern horror film,takes about four years trying to rise from the ashes.They started with direct market the film home,'Beyond the Rave' (Matthias Hoene,2008),which proposed a peculiar vision of the vampire myth,so dear to the audience.He kept rubbing shoulders with the same with the interesting 'Let Me In' ('Let Me In',Matt Reeves,2010),slid to the empty 'The Resident' ('The Resident',Antti Jokinen,2011),and were missed by the unprecedented in our rooms 'Wake Wood' (David Keating,2011).Now have achieved certain height shine 'black woman' ('The Woman in Black',James Watkins,2012),first class entertainment for lovers of fear.

Watkins is credited with the powerful 'Eden Lake' (2008),unpublished film in these parts,a survival shocking that could go further than certain known authors in their description of the ignorance and the dangers of a wrong education.Its protagonist was very fashionable at the moment Michael Fassbender, but the film was barely.Now Watkins has been fortunate to have Daniel Radcliffe,fresh from the saga of Harry Potter,which guarantees the film a commercial distribution more than satisfactory.Although the actor becomes the weakest of the film,his presence paradoxically achieved drag more people to the movies for everyone to be witnesses of a good horror story without sensationalism abuse or visual effects,and the old.lamujerdenegrof2 In a way 'black woman' pays homage to the old ways of understanding the terror,achieving that we enjoy with the essential qualifications of the production,we make your mouth water imagining the future of the house follows the paths of Watkins film.

The famous novel by Susan Hill, and brought to the small screen in 1989,is adapted by screenwriter Jane Goldman, whose resume speaks for itself.The story tells the eerie paranormal adventure of a widowed lawyer when you appraise a monumental old house in a remote region.Once there check that children gradually disappear,victims of horrible deaths.You'll soon discover what's happening in the place.A premise that recalls classic films greatly to the subgenre of ghosts,operation excels not original into an era when the best films of the season are based on an exercise in nostalgia for bygone celluloid.Interestingly James Watkins, who reveals himself as a cinephile with memory,it pays tribute to films do not come out of the Hammer, bringing the tribute game takes on a double meaning.

The woman's ghostly title greatly remind one of the key titles horror film: 'Suspense' ('The Innocents',Jack Clayton,1961),an adaptation of the famous novel by Henry James 'Turn of the Screw' whose echoes resound in the film Watkins.lamujerdenegrof3 The director knows that staging is key in making quality films. 'black woman' travels platitudes,as do all recent ghost films,even has a script when I think is the most forced-the child's body is never found something that Arthur (Radcliffe) seems to care the least,because of the ease with which he finds him,however the hits are on the camera inspired Watkins always taking into account the physical space,accentuating well the tense moments,based on the essential atmosphere and away from sensationalism,rush noises and volume.

All part of the house is the most important and interesting.A ghost story developed between four walls,and much more fun and scares the uncertainty that bathes the locals who know the secret of ghost woman in a plot that would for another movie,and on which overrides Watkins to concentrate on what is important,to scare the viewer.While the work of Daniel Radcliffe,fresh out of the boy wizard saga and looking for new horizons in his profession as an actor,leaves much to be desired.And even if your choice is not too remote from politics to follow the Hammer in its years of splendor-choice young actors for the roles protagonists,your choice is totally wrong,since at any moment looks set to take his wand and fix all the mess of a stroke.Ciarán Hinds Beside his brief nuanced character,proving that often the work of a good secondary fills much more than an actor.

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Good point

I may have a different idea of what a B movie is.
Take Peter Lorre - a staple in those shlocky Hammer studio Edgar Allan Poe films....clearly B movies, or worse. ( Come to think of it, if you DO call those B movies, than Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are a lock answer to the question..... )
But isn't a B movie sort of the kiss of death for an actor ? Did anyone appear in more than one or two ? I don't think anyone ever aspired to the " King of the B Movies " title.
It's more like Name Your Favorite B Movies And The Actors That Made Them So -- e

Ok, let me just explain what I mean by indie hor

Ok, let me just explain what I mean by indie horror. And this is only what I like. There is more than one definition, so for anyone who feels they need to correct my guidelines, go away. This is just what I am personally into.
So - my favorite kind of film is GENERALLY lower budget(but that in no way denotes B movie!), un-Hollywood production, with lesser know, or completely unknown actors(but still good acting).
Special effects and CGI kept to a bare minimum(IMO one of the main reasons scary movies have gone down the toilet is due to the gross overuse of FX. To me, what you CAN"T see is FAR more frightening than what you can)

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