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August 29, 2013 – 01:23

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By cinetvymas on April 22,2013

Cinematographic analysis covering the Hammer Films production in England,and the heyday of Italian giallo mid sixties in Italy.We will study the emergence of a new and sophisticated aesthetic,and development of intricate stories that ended up transforming the European horror inexhaustible source of global influences.

The emergence of directors like Terence Fisher in England or in Italy Mario Bava was a huge contribution in creating interesting and imaginary scenes start and rarefied atmospheres rescuing the best of genre cinema produced so far.

The course starts on Wednesday,May 29 and runs through July 31.From 18:30 to 20:00 hrs.
Location: UC East Campus.Avenida Jaime Guzmán 3300,Providencia,Santiago.
The course is led by Professor José Miguel Ortega.

Current value:

$ 145, 000 General Public

$ 120, 000 Community UC

Queries: [email protected]

Phone: + 56 2 23545292

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Christopher Lee Hates 'Obscene' Modern Horror

Horror Icon Lee Hates 'Obscene' Modern Horror
Horror movie icon Sir Christopher Lee has branded modern fright films "obscene".
The British actor, who was a regular in the cult Hammer horror films of the 1960s and 1970s, tells CNN that movies like the "Saw" franchise, "The Hills Have Eyes," "Halloween" and "Cabin Fever" leave him feeling sick.
Lee says, "I find it quite nauseating what they do. The blood is all over the screen like an avalanche - the mutilation - dreadful things, and I just don't enjoy that."

I was okay with TV only having

5-6 channels actually.
It was simple. Every Friday night they had some movie night on ABC, and the local channel played old Hammer horror films, maybe 2-3. And kung-fu movies and regional wrestling on Saturdays.
The worst part about tv then was there weren't a lot of recent movies on. Took forever for a movie to go from big screen to small screen.

What a travesty!

After seeing the remake of Wicker Man a few weeks back (just say no, okay?) I decided to get my hands on the original. It took a while to convince my housemate to watch it with me (his is the only TV hooked up to a DVD player) but we finally saw it tonight.
The original was made in 1973 and stars Christopher Lee (a young Christopher Lee, wow!), Britt Ekland and nobody else you've heard of. It is a strange film, to be certain. It's like it can't make up it's mind whether it is horror, occult thriller, or musical. It isn't a Hammer film (like most of Lee's film of that era) but I can't remember what U

Ethan Hawke on acting, Selena Gomez and Shakespeare  — Chicago Tribune
The film comes on the heels of a string of box office successes for Hawke, including 2012 indie horror film "Sinister" and this year's surprise horror hit "The Purge." Hawke, 42, also ..

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