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The five best horror movies of 2012 (VIDEOS)

August 29, 2013 – 01:24

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Horror is a genre whose success can not be denied. But among the many productions that come out every year, few are really worth seeing. Here are five films that we selected: Malice, The Woman in Black, Kill List, Sinister and Cabin in the Woods.

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Horror is a genre whose success can not be denied, and especially since the advent of the subgenus video archive ("found footage" in English). The movie The Blair Witch Project was the precursor of the genre but the phenomenon has taken all its dimensions with the saga Paranormal Activity .

So the films declined in this mode have been many, I must say that the public is still waiting for you. Unfortunately the quality is often lacking, and this year, The Devil Inside , REC 3 , the house down the street or Paranormal Activity 4 and Silent Hill 3-D are very disappointed ...

So not easy to establish a true ranking, but we chose to make five films in the horror genre that we found really newsworthy, even very successful. Note that, in our opinion, the best horror film of the year is a film which was co-directed by Joss Whedon , the same one who also directed Avengers , a great year for him!

5. The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black was interesting for several reasons. The film marked a return to the British film production company Hammer Films, which had its heyday in the years 50-60, producing many films of the horror genre, such as Dracula. Disappeared thereafter, the company has made a comeback with this horror thriller and propose new projects in the coming years.

Then he led the first performance of young actor Daniel Radcliffe out of the Harry Potter franchise that made ​​him famous. Finally, The Woman in Black is produced by James Watkins , to whom we already had excellent horror thriller, Eden Lake .

Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps camps, young lawyer in London, forced to get lost in the small village of Gifford Crythin to settle the estate of a recently deceased client. Facing the past buried villagers facing the mysterious woman in black who haunts the place and every day is approaching, Arthur will switch to the most terrible nightmares.

Classic bill, horror thriller proves still very effective, showing a Gothic and said based on a convincing Daniel Radcliffe or bluffing.

4. Malice (released December 28, 2011)

Spanish director Jaume Balagueró is mainly known for his frankness REC developed with Paco Plaza. However, he decided to go it alone in the adventure feature film, but always opting for the horror genre.

In Malice , Caesar is a building always available, efficient and discreet keeper. Available to interfere in people's lives to know them by heart; discreet when he uses his nights to destroy their happiness effective when it is bent to the obsession of Clara, a young carefree and happy woman .

The character played by a convincing Luis Tosar , blurs the boundaries between morality and evil. The film asks the viewer and subtly, which is finally facing a dilemma because we place without realizing the side of this evil.

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I was okay with TV only having

5-6 channels actually.
It was simple. Every Friday night they had some movie night on ABC, and the local channel played old Hammer horror films, maybe 2-3. And kung-fu movies and regional wrestling on Saturdays.
The worst part about tv then was there weren't a lot of recent movies on. Took forever for a movie to go from big screen to small screen.

What a travesty!

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