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Hammer films will be free on youtube

April 3, 2023 – 09:16 am

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That you have just seen, unless ye what ye skipped without more, is a small piece own production mounted by the legendary Hammer summarizing his previous existence, but also embracing their recent renaissance with films like ' The Woman in Black '(The Woman in Black, James Watkins, 2012). However, the big news is that they have decided to start distributing his movies on youtube for free.

I hardly believe that there is any movie lover who is not familiar to some extent with Hammer, but better talk a little the importance of this production: Hammer was established in 1934 and is especially known for horror films he produced in the 50s and 60 of the last century. No competition lacked other companies like Amicus, but always emerged triumphant Hammer until the '70s began to change public taste, which ended up causing cessation of activity in the mid 80s. However, John De Mol bought the company in 2007, not only with the intention of exploiting the lucrative rights to exploit such classics as' The Curse of Frankenstein '(The Curse of Frankenstein, Terence Fisher, 1957)' Dracula '(Terence Fisher , 1958), but also to produce new films like the American remake of 'Let Me Sign' (den Ratte Låt komma in, Tomas Alfredson, 2008).

His next step, as a complement to the blu-ray release of several of their classics, has been open a youtube channel . Such news would not be a big deal in itself, but I have bet big, since it not only be viewed exclusive pieces of their upcoming releases, but also going to go up several classics of the company for anyone can enjoy them without paying a euro. And watch out, are copies restored and in HD, which can no complaints about it. Additionally you will find brief introductory pieces where a skilled artisan will talk about the film in question and its importance in the history of the production. I leave you with the ability to view the pin 'Dr. Quatermass Experiment' (The Quatermass Experiment, Val Guest, 1955), the film that started the golden age of Hammer.

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