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August 29, 2013 – 01:24

2013-08-02 03.06.57 After the opening of the Film Museum, lefty most frequently asked question is "Recently there any good ah?" Presumably a lot of people pick chip select when the film have this problem, and since the main appointments here before to watch movies movies museums, Lefty "make your movie look better, " of course, also provide such services Hello!!!! Even without going to the cinema, but also know what the recent popular movie topic ah! this "Sticky" Wen will often Recent updates nice movie recommendations for your reference!!

" 最近有什麼好看? " Recommended pieces each month before a single tap this ===> " Recently there any good? "

August began, finally began to launch a large multi-year comparison, the summer when students can make better use of movie ticket deals weekdays Oh! By the way, have not seen the first few months, are now back together make up!4697 最近有什麼好看的電影 」,也請參照。 Other months " Are there any good movies lately , "See also.

Like every week to write a single piece, until the week of the specimen will be seen to add more points recommended movies and recommended introduction.


First week of 8/2 (five)

This week's most vigorous push Amityville Horror friends! Because there will be watching the audience clapping Oh ~ (clap)

Li Amityville Horror

Li Amityville Horror, formerly known as Li Yin room, the initial version of the trailer to create the atmosphere is too scary, creepy, horror trailer parts unchanged at the level, more surprise is to understand the relationship between different roles, especially the mother of the two families have empathy, maintaining his wife's affection for her husband.

As the story taken from real events, and sent the information was corroborated, exceptionally true.4753

Not a single description of a haunted house story, so the degree of change with the complexity is there, Wenzi Ren worthy of the most AUCTION BLOCK modern horror film director, for horror films to the next level of maturity, death-defying look forward to his next shot juncture 7, can bring the elements of the original series no.

A brighter future

Much like the "three fools" + "social network war", because this story of three friends, and then fight like a social network like outdone by law to the negotiating table to the story interspersed spindle.

Good story, nothing cold market place, but also the time people can understand the ups and downs, three friends although different personalities, but also to find their own place.4787 Have failed, there are successful, there is emotion, there is the blood of the movie.

Huang Xiaoming has been acting has improved.

Peter Chan's film because it is crossed several times, to elect their representatives to the music, a lot of effort, but also we know out of the music, you can look at.


The second week of 8/9 (five)


Elysium is the director's new film District 9, but also Matt Damon returning to action films.

Overall, a science fiction action film, but the sci-fi setting is thin, completeness find many loopholes, but meet all the action part of the audience.

Directed been like handheld photography, many people will feel shaking, the film is not much hand-held photography, only in the fighting part only, most of the fighting has become more realistic.


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