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August 29, 2013 – 01:26

《西遊:降魔篇》 Because of the "Yangtze River VII" a little disappointed (note 1), has yet to go watch Stephen Chow's new "Journey to the West: Vanquishing chapter, "

However, in order to see Luo, or in two cinemas to join the film.《西遊:降魔篇》

"Journey to the West: Vanquishing chapter, " Stephen Chow still has elements of the previous film: funny, life, truth, attract viewers read on the plot tension,

But Journey relatively bloody and may not be suitable for children to watch.

Stephen has always been I admire actors, directors,

Very early that Stephen Chow's movie is not just funny, often funny way to express through a variety of meanings.《西遊:降魔篇》舒淇、周秀娜

Yeh Gao Xiaolei movies, personal favorite is the "Beijing With Love Wars GOLDEN GUNNER" (From Beijing with Love), "Forbidden City Cop"

While watching the movie will feel some sort of understanding, then the case of "Monk, " "Iron Chef"

He put a lot of Chinese traditional elements: martial arts, religion, famous novels, official corruption, with the entertainment mode of expression.《西遊:降魔篇》羅志祥

But Yeh increasing emphasis on the late movie special effects, whether it is "Shaolin Soccer, " "Kung Fu, " "Yangtze River VII" or this "Journey to the West: Vanquishing chapter, "

On hand, and other elements in the story becomes more and more weak, which makes his work in the "repeat viewing" less and less on the number of times,

The number of units from the movie replay know and movie channels, rather repeatedly replay those old movies,

But few saw the replay after 2000 that three movies (do not swim fell monsters Canwest papers).

(The following talk about the story)

Journey Vanquishing stories in the narrative an Exorcist Chen Xuanzang, listen to Master's exorcism, going to probation goblins, exclude the evil part, leaving the nature of good,

He took a "three hundred songs" Just go around exorcism, but no real exorcism skill,

Each time by another exorcist Miss Duan help him aftermath, Miss Duan have a crush on Xuanzang,

Xuanzang that he wants to "love the world" and live, do not want to talk about "little love between men and women."

So gradually rein mermaids, pigs demon, monkey demon, which is well known in Journey Sha Monk, pigs Wu energy, the Monkey King,

End of story ready to go to the West in the mentoring four learn.

(End of the story)

Stephen would have liked to make jokes to subvert the traditional, his previous work, "Odyssey Part One - Pandora's Box" (Taiwan called Monkey Journey to the East), "Journey to the West Cinderella" ( Taiwan called Monkey Journey to the West), the Tripitaka become nagging, annoying chatters constantly monk, which not only subvert the traditional, but also impressive.

《西遊:降魔篇》文章 《西遊:降魔篇》黃渤 《西遊:降魔篇》陳炳強 《西遊:降魔篇》張煜雯


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