The Best Horror Movies of 2011

May 3, 2023 – 10:34 am

Filmes de Terror - 10 serbian film Lists always generate controversy and most often are repetitive and add little to the public. They say the same things about the drinks and the films of Michael Bay , but people are still drinking beer and crowding the views of aberrations as Transformers: Dark of the Moon . Buteco The Film decided to select a list of 10 Horror Movies that stood out in 2011 and tell readers the reasons that made ​​Tullio Days select this special list. Check out:


Bad would be a good way to describe A Serbian Film, a film that was just famous for all the controversy about government censorship of the film distribution in Brazil. An unfortunate lost opportunity to keep quiet and put the fire on the ass of production: it was enough to be one of the most discussed topics during the year.Filmes de Terror - 8 centopeia humana 2

Personally, I am against censorship by the scenes of violence displayed, but totally in favor of censure for bad movies, that is the case. If any politician had not felt offended by the rape of a baby or watching a stick turning fatal object (or Sharon Stone would be capable of death as creative as I am referring to), A Serbian Film would be completely ignored. But that was not what happened and everyone's heard of the "most violent film of all time." A crap without limits.

"A Serbian Film can be considered as a mixture of The Hostel with The Truman Show and the porn star Rocco Siffredi in the lead role. The plot involves a retired porn actor who is invited to return to active duty for an obscene amount remaining to be mentioned. The high value of the cache was tempting and the guy decides to act, even without knowing what the movie is about, "coincidentally nor the public knows for sure what is the production.

Even being somewhat stupid and cowardly, Scream 4 can be better than the previous film and give the series a new gas created by Wes Craven .Filmes de Terror - 6 Woman The truth is that the feature only entered the short list because of the presences always striking Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox , as well as being a sort of revival of the good times of 1996 and all it meant to watch a good horror movie slasher , something that is not repeated here. Except in glowing introduction.

"In short, Scream 4 is entertaining enough to make the price of admission worthwhile.Filmes de Terror - 5 Atividade paranormal 3 Whether or not having watched the previous films, which will make the difference is your desire to get caught up in just over an hour and a half in a story filled with jokes nerds (some very funny) and many, many deaths. Besides a script where nothing needs to make sense, but in the end is a mere detail. A must for fans of teen horror. "

Bobo, masochistic pervert, funny and imbecile? In fact, being very honest, the only good thing that The Human Centipede 2 gets to the memory of the viewer was excellent (and unusual) way to use a centipede in cinema. And look there.
Continued (also) unnecessary The Human Centipede uses metalanguage to try to captivate the audience and perhaps this is one of the few positives of the production directed by Tom Six. Reflecting the spirit of the sick and masochistic people who usually watch these kinds of movies is always an interesting move in the end. Will soon be here in Buteco!

For men, surely, few films have been as terrifying as well. Although the excellent Habito The Skin That is not a horror film itself, it certainly plays within people who watch. The sensational soundtrack and stunning performances of the cast transform production in one of the highlights of the season.

Filmes de Terror - 9 panico 4 Filmes de Terror - 7 A Pele Que Habito Filmes de Terror - 4 i saw the devil Filmes de Terror - 3 the tunnel


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Porn-production moratorium lifted week after positive HIV test  — Los Angeles Times
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