Good horror movies to watch

Is it good to watch horror movies?

March 31, 2023 – 09:00 am

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I make a copy-paste of what I wrote about a somewhat similar question asked, a few days ago (Why is there so much love horror movies?), Because I think it is always good to know and understand what we see; Long before radio, television or newspapers. The people tonight put the fire and told all sorts of stories, drawn from various nickname is spread by travelers or told the local legends (all countries have their monsters, their witches, their demons lurking in the dark close to take your soul in the depths of their hell)!
Did you listen to the stories that we were told as a child? You remember the "minnows" of "Little Red Riding Hood" from "Snow White"?
- Too poor to feed their seven children a couple decides to get lost in the forest, after much vicissitude, children end up with an ogre who wants to devour them and end up devouring its own children .... Cool, huh?

Another example with the legend of Saint Nicolas:
"They were three small children who went to glean in the fields ..." Lost in the night, they asked a butcher's house. Just entered the butcher rushed towards them to kill them, cut them out and put them in the salting. Seven years later, the good Saint-Nicolas came to pass that way. He went to the butcher and insisted on eating bacon that was in the salting. Frightened, the butcher ran away and Saint-Nicolas resurrected three children.

This kind of story probably existed since the dawn of time, or the time the man lived outside and only refuge or a cave and a fire protection ensured a semblance of security against predators night. This is part of what is called the ancestral memory, it has grown and evolved with us and it is now buried deep in our minds.

Horror movies are the continuity of these stories, they take us back to childhood. They terrify us, make us laugh, make us react, reassure us because all of this is that the modern folklore, much less terrifying than the real world ....

So now is it good to watch horror movies, the answer is in my opinion: Yes! Otherwise, it should be removed, comics, stories for children, television series, a novel Pharaonic numbers, etc. .. etc.


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How many horror movies do you watch?

How many horror books do you read? I love to read horror books and watch horror movies. And a lot of times the horror filters into my dreams. If it's a movie it usually takes a couple of days before I have bad dreams, and when it does it adapts to my life.
Last night I watched 1408 which was a really good movie and keeps you guessing and on edge. I expect that I'll be having a bad dream soon.

Is there any harm in watching horror movies?

I plan to watch The Haunting with a group of friends and I'm not sure if it would be a good idea. I love horror movies for the thrill of it - but I do get frightened easily and sometimes end up being afraid even to walk to the bathroom in middle of the night alone. I'm wondering if the level of fear, anxiety, etc. that may be induced by this movie would have a negative effect on LO and I'm wondering if it would be safe or not to watch horror movies.

I have been watching horrors since I was mom woke me up at night to watch alfred hitchcock and other horror movies and then fell asleep on me :-O much as they scare me, that is if they are good, i love them. I never liked chick flicks...too mushy and boring for me even though I am a I also love action movies...not war ones unless they are set before the 1900s

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