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August 29, 2013 – 01:25

【Author / Qiu Qin Yi; illustrator / temperature Guoqun]

Many cinemas recently staged a series of horror movies, so I can not help but think, in fact, every five years to August, financial markets almost always occur in summer horror movie.

二○一 ○ 年 "European debt crisis prequel": Greece started to accept bailout, the Dow Jones was up fourteen percent decline, the protagonist Greek stocks fell thirty-five%.

2011 "Europe Crisis Story": European debt crisis coupled with the U.S. is down assessment, the Dow Jones dropped sixteen percent, Spain and the Italian stock market fell twenty-seven% and thirty-seven%.

2012 "Euro Doom": Greek elections cabinet failed, the market fears that Greece out of the euro and even the European Union disintegrated, the Dow Jones fell nine percent, Greece fell thirty-four%.

This year, the 2013 horror movie of the summer there is a sequel, but be careful, the protagonist afraid substitutions made!

Now, it seems, no longer have a large-scale crisis in Europe, the U.S. economy is clearly recovering, the Dow Jones rose by about one half ○ 到 十五% in emerging markets is getting "off the paint, " the overall average decline of about one ○ %, BRIC is annihilated, India and Russia fall 一 ○ 到 十五%, China down into two, as much as three percent decline in Brazil. Exchange rate, Indian Rupee (INR) against the U.S. dollar fell to a record low of more than sixty, Lille Brazilian currency (Real) also fell to a new low band.

Terror plot not finished yet! United States, the world seems to have Big Brother "X Plan", while their economic bottom turn, quickly put the emerging markets Chuaidao under their feet.
First, many of the U.S. Department of foreign banks from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup to JP Morgan Chase, are "a tacit agreement" consistent look bad in emerging markets. Then, the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman put words to recover the advance QE (quantitative easing) to the current U.S. economy is not bad figures, coupled with the global economic uncertainty is still high, QE is really no need early exit, past the most enjoyment QE benefits is emerging markets, QE exit plus foreign look bad, let the world from emerging market dollar outflow of hot money fast.

The most terrifying horror film is often his own demons. Emerging market countries, the central bank president's inner probably also Ascension: CEO who wants to cut interest rates to save the economy, but the money will be more run to cut interest rates again, the more slip faster; want to raise interest rates to stay hot money, afraid of the economy worse, it is dilemma.


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Japanese historical films of the 'classic' age

Seem to me to set the 'gold standard' for historical authenticity (this would be films from around the 20's to the 70's, filmmakers like Mizoguchi, Kurosawa, Immamura among the most famous but there are many others).
People like Mizoguchi had a mania for historical accuracy with sets, costumes and so on. In most 'prestigious' japanese historical films, one will never see a man and a woman ki...l sorts of rubbishy commercial Japanese films which have thrown historical accuracy to the winds as is common with american films- but as they do not generally get exported & subtitled for US consumptions, I haven't seen them!
Can't say I'm 'up' on recent Japanese films - their film industry seems to be a shadow of its former self - with most of the films getting exported being horror films

Glad to see...

There's one more of us.
Good to hear that what is happening in the series in the Pacific Theater is what your friend said happened too.
I also like the 'unbiased' way in which they are delivering this Doc. For example, when the Army and Marines went to overtake Okinawa they were firing on the island at night because they saw figures on the island moving; thinking that it was the Japanese trying to surprise them in the morning. When the US forces arrived the next morning they found out, to their horror, that it was the natives on Okinawa that were trying to escape off the island the night before

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