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May 7, 2023 – 10:40 am

9981-P04_482x668 Bride to be married plunges

After his death ghost chase chase chase, do not let you sleep ~

-------------------------------------------------- ---

"Yin Yuan" Trailer:

Thai Ghost lately seems to come to one kind of dead end, nothing new. Film from Taiwan recently introduced to theory, "prison corpse" and "A ghost three scared" go all three short films set mode.bri2_1346657702_481x299 The main themes of the monitor or three o'clock on quickly sent packing big screen Huhu audience, terms of horror degrees or Creativity contrast to the past "ghosting" Golden Age, with the "weeping" to describe can not be overemphasized, extreme disappointment. Recent works, at most, "Countdown Night Cry" considered small there is nothing new, but it's not a ghost. The "Yin Yuan" real events adapted Thai society, perhaps three galleries tired today, once you come nine, exactly how well, let's look at it ~

Dressed in white, is sister embarked on a roof, jumped down. Face the ground, body parts like playing toss pork in general, scattered on the concrete floor. The cause of death, different opinions, some say she died because her boyfriend while weary self a break; boyfriend obviously has some say in the work, to live well, how can such a reason?bri15_1346657708_530x299 Truth of the matter, what why? And a man's death for friends and relatives around, what is the impact?bok04_480x300 Please listen to me explain ~

Heart jump, I began suffering ~

Nine desire to meet again
The film was originally called "9981" is intended to nine nine minutes work, a total of 81 minutes. But obviously wrote Duration 92 minutes, plus trailers titles you really have 11 minutes? This is a puzzling mystery, there are people who go to the theater to get your stopwatch test finished and then come back to report to me, in this first say thank you to you. Although the nine works, but the past tonics distinct style movie set, which is the same story speaks nine, and must be the same batch actor, but with different perspectives to interpret. And this really interesting? Comments so again, let us first take a look at this story Kudan chant!

Nine directors who work

Here are the complete story Baolei ********, please carefully read ******

[Who] takeaway
Junior feelings are always wet, stole underwear straight rump gun. A young boy to steal the bride lace panties, in the lonely night savoring always get up until the fall witnessed bride, scared body body ruffian ruffian setback. This time not Tajiri, the dreaded Tajiri go on a ghost Yin scared it! Tuo Buddha had to hurry Amit restitution, the result was the bride caught avatars, sad ah ~

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A Sorority Horror Film - Alpha Girls (2012)

Hey all
Promoting a indie horror flick we shot in Philly last summer, take two minutes to watch the Trailer and let me know what you think.
This is a Redband trailer, NSFW.
Check it out Alpha Girls (2012)
Alpha Beta house is the oldest and most elite sorority in the world. Some of the most influential politicians, celebrities and scientists are Alpha Girl alumnae. After performing long hidden rituals, some of the sisters suspect that their good fortune is tainted by demonic evil. They quickly realize firsthand that the consequences of their curiosity are much more gruesome than any of them could have possibly imagined

Nothing worse than sitting down to watch [REC]

I heard it was a good Spanish horror film. And I like not knowing the plot of any movie. So, since I never saw any other Spanish horror film except for the Orphanage(?), I was sure I never saw this before. So, I did no further research.
So I pop it in, waiting to get scared out of my mind. Then I realize that Quarantine, a movie I saw in the theaters last year, was a remake of [REC]. Ah fuck! Okay, maybe it'll be a little different, so I'll skip the intro and get into the heart of the action. Then I notice that Quarantine was a shot by shot remake, so I'd get nothing new out of watching it. Double Fuck!

A very good film: in fact the best

Film I have ever seen on the ecology of the planet... Worth seeing for its beauty and horror alone. The perspective of the photography is so global: humans become ants. Which is exactly the level of humans as a species. Even the ending credits of the film is beautifully crafted.
But it's over 1 hr.
If you want to change the mind of any ordinary consumer: if you want to expand their awareness: if you know anyone you could get to watch it: they will be affected by it.
Watch it when you have 2 hours of free time: send the URL to everyone you know: it's powerful enough to change people

Lots of good stuff to read

"Chaos" is ugly, nihilistic, and cruel -- a film I regret having seen. I urge you to avoid it. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's "only" a horror film, or a slasher film. It is an exercise in heartless cruelty and it ends with careless brutality. The movie denies not only the value of life, but the possibility of hope.
A few Web writers have seen it, and try to deal with their feelings: "What is inflicted upon these women is degrading, humiliating, and terrible on every level" --Moriarity, Ain't It Cool News; "Disgusting, shocking and laced with humiliation, nudity, profanity and limit-shoving tastelessness" --John Gray, Pitofhorror

Get Some Chills From The New We Are What We Are Trailer  — We Got This Covered
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