He dared: Dark Skies

April 25, 2023 – 10:30 am

Dark Skies begins with a bang. It is to my knowledge the only horror movie that the scariest moment comes from the very first second, while the film did, indeed, not at all started. This is a quote that we owe to Arthur C. Clarke, a size of science fiction, which have wrote: "Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not Equally Both are terrifying.". Terrible words that appear white on black during the opening credits and never fail to bring us the first and only thrill of the film. You can highlight the citation in the evening when the topic of conversation will lend, it will always be a small effect, of course, to place at the right time condition, the rule in English and with conviction, otherwise it would lose much of its impact. For me, this film has just reminded me of this quote because my brother Poulpard, amateur ufologist his condition (he prefers the term ovniologue) had made print on the first page of his thesis of biology which subject, on the interactions between plants and herbivores in the context of biological invasion, however, was "in light years, nay, billions of light years!" as repeated his most virulent examiner during his defense, despite the physical and verbal threats of our mother located just behind this madman.

Strange buildings made ​​with kitchen utensils ...

X-Files, Step Bro

Chelous of drawings inspired by restless nights ...

JunoSpid er- Man

Our budgies lose their heads!

JK Simmons delivers a pretty hair-raising benefit, it must be admitted. It is fully in his role.

Adept "nipples" and other "see through", Keri Russell often appears in single pyjus in Dark Skies. Note that simple unfortunately well placed gommettes enough to respect their privacy.

According to Joseph Allen Hynek, the Close Encounter of the 2nd type (RR2) is the logical successor to the first meeting of the kind. For a RR2 is recognized and documented, it is necessary that the UFO left physical evidence, such as traces in soil, mokos or feces, or worse. The ufologist a tad lit film Scott Charles Stewart then designates the old arm shelf decorating simply lounge and enthroned on which a collection of impressive shit necessarily from overseas office. Keri Russell is still pouting. We eat!

It was during the night that Grey doing their fuss in the kitchen. This has the gift of Keri out of its hinges.

Above the "crop circle" realized that my brother Poulpard a sleepless night in the field in front of the farm of our parents. As punishment, Dad we removed the SCART our SuperNes. We are still looking.

Finally things get more interesting with the Close Encounter of the third kind (RR3) or the witnesses saw a UFO and its occupants, or only alleged UFO occupants without (in this case, the present RR3 This original it does not stack systematically to RR1). The " Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter "and the" big meeting Valensole "are classified RR3. I classify my JAPD in RR3. And poor JK Simmons accumulates to his great regret the RR3. When something goes wrong, these meetings sometimes lead to a Rapprochée Meeting fourth kind (RR4) or the witnesses then claim to have been abducted by a UFO occupants. RR4 these are rarer, in the sense that people do not always return to complete the story of their abductions. They still constitute one of the most popular categories invented by Hynek and many movies have proposed an illustration, but none reaches truly make an impression (Intruders, Xtro, Communion, Fire in the Sky The Forgotten, Fourth Kind ... these titles mean nothing to you? Normal).

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Nothing worse than sitting down to watch [REC]

I heard it was a good Spanish horror film. And I like not knowing the plot of any movie. So, since I never saw any other Spanish horror film except for the Orphanage(?), I was sure I never saw this before. So, I did no further research.
So I pop it in, waiting to get scared out of my mind. Then I realize that Quarantine, a movie I saw in the theaters last year, was a remake of [REC]. Ah fuck! Okay, maybe it'll be a little different, so I'll skip the intro and get into the heart of the action. Then I notice that Quarantine was a shot by shot remake, so I'd get nothing new out of watching it. Double Fuck!

A very good film: in fact the best

Film I have ever seen on the ecology of the planet... Worth seeing for its beauty and horror alone. The perspective of the photography is so global: humans become ants. Which is exactly the level of humans as a species. Even the ending credits of the film is beautifully crafted.
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"Chaos" is ugly, nihilistic, and cruel -- a film I regret having seen. I urge you to avoid it. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's "only" a horror film, or a slasher film. It is an exercise in heartless cruelty and it ends with careless brutality. The movie denies not only the value of life, but the possibility of hope.
A few Web writers have seen it, and try to deal with their feelings: "What is inflicted upon these women is degrading, humiliating, and terrible on every level" --Moriarity, Ain't It Cool News; "Disgusting, shocking and laced with humiliation, nudity, profanity and limit-shoving tastelessness" --John Gray, Pitofhorror

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