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April 23, 2023 – 10:28 am

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Wild orgies of blood or creepy psycho scenarios - Horror films use different expectations and requirements. While in the one horror movie is just about to find original and entertaining as possible causes of death for the performers, other films draw a complex story between victims and perpetrators that grabs the audience, even without great bloodshed. Here the transitions to movies and Mystery mystery thriller and psychological horror are fluid. Each subspecies of the horror film has its loyal fans of gruesome horror films to bloody trash horror or splatter films from 18 You will find with max cathedrals top horror films from each subcategory. If you want to watch the best horror movies and download, then you are exactly right with max cathedrals. In our wide offer any horror fan will find movies to his taste.
Good horror movies are always looked like. A nice movie night at home, a bag of popcorn, a cold beer or a Coke - so you can live. Nice when new and modern movies can be watched in your own four walls, and thereby arises a true cinematic experience. Most movies that are offered on the cinema, are now available for home over the stream. It is possible that the modern and innovative video-on-demand technology is used, which is spreading more and more and more.
Online video streams enable practical look
Known about Video on Demand platforms offered different movies, including some cool horror movies. Who is a really nice - or rather gruesome - of course want to make horror evening, which should also be able to see the relevant online movies. Watch horror movies online is of interest to many young people, which is that there are now a lot of movies that can be watched directly on the Internet. The modern video-on-demand technology makes it possible to watch some horror movies online. It is possible that the films are not borrowed from the video store and also must not be seen in the movies, but can be watched directly from a stream at home. Most of the films may be seen with Internet access directly from the home PC or on a product, such as a Blu-Ray player or smart TV.
Watch video directly from the Internet via streaming
The individual streams make it possible to get all the movies directly and quickly into the living room. It is important that care is taken that offer platforms and portals horror movies over the Internet. In general, it is possible that these are available in a large quantity available and can be seen mostly at low cost. It should be noted that the line is fast, and the film can be well charged. It should be noted that the quality of horror movies must be good, since it can only be guaranteed so that the horror movies are an experience. There are many good movies and have a good evening should be up to three movies from the Internet or from the stream will be selected, which can be watched.


Apartment 1303 (Watch Now While It's in Theaters)
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A Sorority Horror Film - Alpha Girls (2012)

Hey all
Promoting a indie horror flick we shot in Philly last summer, take two minutes to watch the Trailer and let me know what you think.
This is a Redband trailer, NSFW.
Check it out Alpha Girls (2012)
Alpha Beta house is the oldest and most elite sorority in the world. Some of the most influential politicians, celebrities and scientists are Alpha Girl alumnae. After performing long hidden rituals, some of the sisters suspect that their good fortune is tainted by demonic evil. They quickly realize firsthand that the consequences of their curiosity are much more gruesome than any of them could have possibly imagined

Nothing worse than sitting down to watch [REC]

I heard it was a good Spanish horror film. And I like not knowing the plot of any movie. So, since I never saw any other Spanish horror film except for the Orphanage(?), I was sure I never saw this before. So, I did no further research.
So I pop it in, waiting to get scared out of my mind. Then I realize that Quarantine, a movie I saw in the theaters last year, was a remake of [REC]. Ah fuck! Okay, maybe it'll be a little different, so I'll skip the intro and get into the heart of the action. Then I notice that Quarantine was a shot by shot remake, so I'd get nothing new out of watching it. Double Fuck!

A very good film: in fact the best

Film I have ever seen on the ecology of the planet... Worth seeing for its beauty and horror alone. The perspective of the photography is so global: humans become ants. Which is exactly the level of humans as a species. Even the ending credits of the film is beautifully crafted.
But it's over 1 hr.
If you want to change the mind of any ordinary consumer: if you want to expand their awareness: if you know anyone you could get to watch it: they will be affected by it.
Watch it when you have 2 hours of free time: send the URL to everyone you know: it's powerful enough to change people

Lots of good stuff to read

"Chaos" is ugly, nihilistic, and cruel -- a film I regret having seen. I urge you to avoid it. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's "only" a horror film, or a slasher film. It is an exercise in heartless cruelty and it ends with careless brutality. The movie denies not only the value of life, but the possibility of hope.
A few Web writers have seen it, and try to deal with their feelings: "What is inflicted upon these women is degrading, humiliating, and terrible on every level" --Moriarity, Ain't It Cool News; "Disgusting, shocking and laced with humiliation, nudity, profanity and limit-shoving tastelessness" --John Gray, Pitofhorror

Get Some Chills From The New We Are What We Are Trailer  — We Got This Covered
For fans of the genre, this particular nugget should be especially pleasing: “This will, without question, be one of the best horror films of 2013.” From the trailer alone, it looked like it was worth taking a look, but the positive buzz around it just ..

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