Love You Full Jia Millet: movie recommendation: March 2013

April 21, 2023 – 10:24 am

1. No No

Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominated Chilean film, adapted from a true story, the way the comedy show Chile's most important historical events.

Needless to say! M I will go to support my favorite odd k's.

Wizards director乔勒蒙迪多罗by the producer of the fantasy horror film, the heroine is a recent scarlet Jessica Choi Sorenstam, which combined make m looking forward to this Oh!

Austrian national treasure Michael Haneke directed new masterpiece, Oscar, Golden Globe and other major film festivals ... Victory this month, super Recommended for!!!!

4 messenger Until the Break of Dawn

Adapted from a Japanese heavyweight novels, trailers really super charm ah! 5 American Dream Bekas Superman

Very interesting movie, full of childlike dreams! March 14 release:

1 love Dream 101 Architecture 101

It is sold in Korea romance, m long ago seen on the Internet, really good Kanwo recommended!!!!

March 15 release:

1 Oz the Great Oz the Great and the Powerful

"Spider-Man Trilogy" director Sam Raimi guidance, "Alice in Wonderland" production team to build, snare詹姆士法兰柯, Michelle Williams, Rui Qiuhuai Edmunds, honey and other powerful Lakunisi ...... Kcal Secretary, m looking forward to for a long time Hello!

2 Umizaru: The Ultimate Rescue

Finally, the "sea ape series" Episode IV coming, ready to cry right paper.

3 foothold In The House

French master Ou Yung, once again return to horror thrillers, overseas continue to praise. 4 To seek Stoker

South Korean Park Chan Wook theistic first in Hollywood, just have a good poster style of Park Chan-wook, the cast is capable and competent actor, who is a fan of Park Chan-wook, m sure will not be missed! !

5 Detective Hunter Zhang Beijing Blues

"Wind" director Gao Qun Shu works, recent awards biggest upset, defeating God as "Life Without Principle", won best film, dragging a long time is finally released in Taiwan, and m I'm very curious why it perfect to beat Flawless "Life Without Principle" mean!

6 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The classic horror film series is also the road towards 3D, and want to experience the bloody three-dimensional Xuerouhengfei friends, do not miss oh.

7 La Vie en Rose La Vei En Rose

To see this release, I was dumbfounded that this is not ...... 2007 to Mary Yong Ke Diya onto Oscar's classic do? M not know see dozens of times, but for my very favorite Mary Yong Ke Diya, rice or would consider going to the cinema pilgrimage!

March 22 release:

1 Beautiful Monster Beautiful Creatures

Adapted from the best-selling fantasy romance novels, known as the "Twilight" series of successors, uh ...... m interested in is pop, like this family friends can see.

2 hearts courage Promise Lands

Matt Damon and "Good Will Hunting", "Liberty Avenue" director, super mix together again, m good looking ah ~ ~

3.101 Propose Say Yes

Ling and Huang Bo starred romance, turning it sold in mainland China.

4 fully captured: Countdown rescue Olympus Has Fallen


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