The 25 best horror film ever made!

August 29, 2013 – 01:24

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Note: the current standings of the best films of all kinds is here .

Horror: only to hear this simple word people are fleeing in droves, the kind you make girls locked up in a tower lost, others fade away without being noticed and still others are in favor of, at most, a few thriller movie as much as possible politically correct . Yet mummies, freak, zombies, vampires and humans cruel continued to be produced and baked in bursts since the beginning of cinema, and this especially because a part of the public continue to taste great. The following list is made ​​up of horror in my opinion essential, often little known and which have at least an unquestionable value from the historical point of view: dark fairy tales, fairy tales, and (often) brutal metaphors of reality. For brevity I have not considered the well known classics like The Shining, Nosferatu, Freaks or because I expect that - at least ones - enjoy fame and dignity enough of them already. For the rest: good appetite, ladies and gentlemen ...

1) The horror of excellence: Nightmare - Out of the night

Cult absolute Wes Craven, built in a masterly way and initiator of a legendary saga that has depopulated until the 90s. Maybe today Freddy induces less afraid than I could do at the time, but despite this the monster that destroys the dreams of young people remains an essential film for any film buff (and not just horror, I dare say). In the American province of the boys begin to die mysteriously in their sleep: the explanation is to be found precisely in the realm of Morpheus ....

2) The horror of war and exploitation: Day of the Dead

Z ombi little known movie, and yet it works great, lives a touch of irony and is probably among the best ever seen film of Romero, there are blood, violence and purely granguignoleschi moments, but the plot is solid, the characters well defined and the underlying message (antiwar) is today all too evident. In an apocalyptic future zombies have become the majority: a group of humans trying to survive thanks to the complicated coexistence with the military rather excited ...

3) The horror of isolation and modernity: the Mouth of Madness

One of the horror past 90 years maybe more often in commercial television (and a little 'paradoxically, not trivial to find in DVD): In my opinion summa masterful work of John Carpenter, with all the elements dear to the director: madness, alienation, isolation of the individual and manipulation of minds (especially those of the audience, very healthy with a touch of self-celebration). A movie tailor-made to the public in a way that does not feel the slightest burden of age (it is 1995) and do not exceed in gratuitous violence under any circumstances. It investigates the disappearance of a successful horror writer: what happened to Sutter Cane?


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