Alfred Hitchcock: Three of his classic films are reestrenarán in Lima

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Monday, July 8, 2013 | 8:42 pm

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Source: YouTube




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From July 18 to August 7 in Room UVK Art Larcomar.

On the occasion of the celebration of the first year of Larcomar UVK Art Room, from 18 July until 7 August, a series dedicated to renowned director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980).

In this way, will be projected on the big screen in Lima and digital sound format:

"The Birds" (from 18 July). Melanie meets Mitch Brenner who at a pet store. She is a young rich snob San Francisco and he is a lawyer who knows her life by the press. As he has been treated with indifference and she decides to go to his house to give him a parakeet to his sister. As it comes, the birds, crazy, start attacking savagely locals.

"Psycho" (since July 25). The film has become a classic of horror and suspense, partly thanks to the screenplay by Joseph Stefano. The film takes place mostly in a lonely roadside motel, which houses a secretary, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), who has fled with money from his company. The motel is run by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).

"Vertigo" (from 1 August). A retired detective suffering from acrophobia or vertigo is hired by an old friend to discreetly watch his wife who claims to be possessed by a spirit. It is one of the best rated movies American film, nominated for two Oscars.

The ticket presale will begin on July 15 at the box office of UVK Multiplex Larcomar. As a gift will be delivered with a notebook ticket Hitchcock collection designed by Brothers Mortuary.


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Whats the name of that classic horror film..

Back when AMC actually played classic old films, I saw this really scary flick on Halloween from probably the 50s (judging on costumes). I can't remember the name- maybe you've seen it?
A man brings home his really freaky wife, and people start being killed. Then it turns out that the wife never exsisted, it was the man dressed up as a woman the whole time! Very strange.. please help thanks :)

Original Dawn of the Dead - horrible

This is a perfect example of a movie that gets labeled as a classic because some kids liked it when they were twelve and then grew up to be film dorks with BIG OPINIONS. Do not see this movie. It doesn't come anywhere near the quality of Night of the Living Dead (a true classic). It is a boring, drawn-out, terribly acted, apparently unedited, and thoroughly stupid waste of celluloid.
The film is NOT EVEN REMOTELY scary. Not even creepy. My grandmother is scarier than this movie, and she is a very nice old woman. To make it worse, the movie beats you over the head with it's uncreative "shopping malls and American consumerism make zombies out of all of us" metaphor

SWINGERS-----a 90s classic

I own the movie "Swingers", because it's one of the few films I can watch repeatedly and never get bored. What an amazing comedy. What charismatic actors. What sly dialog and great editing!
When I lived on the East Coast, I thought this film was hilarious...but when I moved to NorCal, I learned how REAL this movie actually is!! Its scary to see how accurate this film is to California and Los Angeles....
I hope Jon Favreau keeps making movies for a long time...I really wonder about what sort of a filmmaker he'll grow into....

Admittedly a low brow post, but

I watched the original Halloween yesterday on tv, even during the early afternoon and the lame commercial breaks, it was great to see this classic! Still a very chilling film, and it brought back the feel I had when I first saw it in theaters when I was young enough to have to have my mom accompany me and my friend.
Later, I watched the exorcist on tv. I'd seen parts of it before and even if it's picked as a ground breaker horror film, it never ever seemed scary to me, just silly. Actually, I think it could have been much more effective if they'd had Linda Blair looking all sweet and innocent much more often, but then doing evil things

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Despite the fact that they were on board with the project, Universal got cold feet after they saw the finished cut of the film, fearing that it would never get handed anything less than an NC-17 rating. ..

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From the outset it seems like a love-it-or-leave-it approach has to be taken; either you're on board or not. But this is slightly unfair.

Silent Night, Deadly Night
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