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May 18, 2023 – 10:57 am

▲ Dad loves his daughter turned into a horror film horror pictures. (Figure / Cinema Fanpage)

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Many people have a child listening to Guigu not sleep afterwards to experience fear, afraid of the devil himself arrested suddenly ran out. U.S. a night with four daughters photographer storyteller, he suddenly had an idea, to the classic theme of childhood fears, the two daughters incarnation of horror movies where the protagonist will look fear in children presented with the lens, shooting range Explore the horror stories nature works.

40-year-old photographer Ya Huofen (Joshua Hoffine) quite love horror movies, in order to shoot a picture of horror picture, he created several classic scary scenes, including the luminous eyes toward the wolf girl, Satan suddenly from the floor to take out, as well as the huge bed backhoes, late at night when the children of the devil imagine vividly reflected in the photographs.

These photos circulating on the Internet subject to much discussion, some netizens praising the work does have an atmosphere of terror, but it was also criticized his approach is too over, you should not let his daughter took this photo, and even sent threatening letters to him. Ya Huofen explained, two daughters be treated as the protagonist, but the shooting was not scared the moment, "she only willing to show about a minute's time, I baked cookies starting to coax her."

Ya Huofen on "terror" is very emotional frenzy, that it is far more than mere entertainment, "I believe that the ultimate concern is the horror stories of death and feel a sense of impending crisis sex, as well as the uncertainty of our existence." In his own website means "terror tells us that sometimes false sense of security, " monster "exists around."


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Whats the name of that classic horror film..

Back when AMC actually played classic old films, I saw this really scary flick on Halloween from probably the 50s (judging on costumes). I can't remember the name- maybe you've seen it?
A man brings home his really freaky wife, and people start being killed. Then it turns out that the wife never exsisted, it was the man dressed up as a woman the whole time! Very strange.. please help thanks :)

Original Dawn of the Dead - horrible

This is a perfect example of a movie that gets labeled as a classic because some kids liked it when they were twelve and then grew up to be film dorks with BIG OPINIONS. Do not see this movie. It doesn't come anywhere near the quality of Night of the Living Dead (a true classic). It is a boring, drawn-out, terribly acted, apparently unedited, and thoroughly stupid waste of celluloid.
The film is NOT EVEN REMOTELY scary. Not even creepy. My grandmother is scarier than this movie, and she is a very nice old woman. To make it worse, the movie beats you over the head with it's uncreative "shopping malls and American consumerism make zombies out of all of us" metaphor

SWINGERS-----a 90s classic

I own the movie "Swingers", because it's one of the few films I can watch repeatedly and never get bored. What an amazing comedy. What charismatic actors. What sly dialog and great editing!
When I lived on the East Coast, I thought this film was hilarious...but when I moved to NorCal, I learned how REAL this movie actually is!! Its scary to see how accurate this film is to California and Los Angeles....
I hope Jon Favreau keeps making movies for a long time...I really wonder about what sort of a filmmaker he'll grow into....

Admittedly a low brow post, but

I watched the original Halloween yesterday on tv, even during the early afternoon and the lame commercial breaks, it was great to see this classic! Still a very chilling film, and it brought back the feel I had when I first saw it in theaters when I was young enough to have to have my mom accompany me and my friend.
Later, I watched the exorcist on tv. I'd seen parts of it before and even if it's picked as a ground breaker horror film, it never ever seemed scary to me, just silly. Actually, I think it could have been much more effective if they'd had Linda Blair looking all sweet and innocent much more often, but then doing evil things

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