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L 'Horrorcore is a subgenre of music Rap , the pioneers were the Flatlinerz and Gravediggaz ; still exists thanks to artists such as Defekt , DZK , V Sinizter and Bloodshot , in Italy are quite popular on Truceklan , the DSA Commando and Psalm .

[ senza fonte ] The term "Horrorcore" was coined by Russell Simmons , the mind behind the Flatlinerz, which defined the genre as " hardcore rap with some horror movie themes "(" hip hop hardcore with references to characteristic themes of horror cinema "), following the trail the American horror punk. Horrorcore artists often have links with the world Metal , especially with the black metal and death metal . [ citation needed ]

The texts deal primarily with issues related to horrorcore macabre and horror, such as homicides , suicides , crimes , violence , necrophilia , Satanism as well as existential hardships and profound reflections on his own being and the world at large, which brings them closer to the texts conscious rap . The sample used in producing the basics are often drawn from soundtracks of movies Horror or from classical music suitably modified. Sometimes these artists seek an atmosphere deliberately comic , with a footprint dark .

Some artists militants in this environment (like Esham or Killa C ) are putting makeup on the face as a clown , following a trend made ​​popular by Psychopathic Records , label horrorcore founded by Insane Clown Posse . The artists who use these tricks usually explain that their decision is due only to the image they want to give of themselves in the media, so it is not a choice that has to do with the environment Hip Hop. Or you go to a make up more bleak as with Psalm and its famous representative of a skull mask, suitably modified and recently decorated with a cross upside down, as the well-known symbol of the ' Antichrist .

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Let's see... It's hard for me to not just name my favorites, but more of them are just, plain gore-filled and not necessarily all that actually *scary*...
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The Ring and it's Japanese original Ringu. (I'm partial to the remake, a very controversial opinion, but I found it smarter and more in tune with my American sensibilities.)
Ju-On by the same Japanese writer and director, scared the bejebus outta me.
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