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August 29, 2013 – 01:24

Io9's 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time: The Top 10

Selected a list of movies that will get you shiver

Friday 13 is always a good excuse to watch horror movies and yell a lot. We made a selection of the most horrifying film. Check, if you hold:

Human Centipede
If you have stomach enough, watch the film trailer below and draw your own conclusions. A crazy surgeon and two girls lost in the woods, the rest can be seen in the title. It's B movie, so do not expect much beyond sorrow, bizarre scenes and bad actors.

Ringu, The Ring Japanese
To feel what is true thriller not to be confused with the American version of "The Call". The Japanese film has one of the scariest elements of horror long: the child. A good script makes the book adaptation of Koji Nakata keep the element of suspense from beginning to end.

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Bad Girl
Despite the title in Portuguese, do not know who is right or good guy villain in the film. Inspired by true stories, the film shows a girl torturing a pedophile. The focus is on the chilling scenes of torture caused by the 14 year old girl, interpertada by Ellen Page.

Friday the 13th is a great opportunity to revisit the classic, but never old, Exorcist. After all no one ever gets used to the horror of the scene of the crucifix. If you've never seen, careful, the images are strong .

The Silence of the Lambs
Another classic that could not miss in a gruesome selection is the adaptation of the book by Thomas Harris. The selected scene shows the creepy Hannibal Lecter escaped from prison and, therefore, killing two guards in a way that only he knows. Cannibalism and cruelty of the main character, played by Anthony Hopkins, are the highlights of the film 1991, which greatly influenced the horror film.

Rosemary's Baby
When it involves children, the chances of you getting very scared are larger. The long 1968, Roman Polanski, still causing fear to the present day.

The Shining
Expressions of Jack Nicholson movie worth Stanley Kubrik, and shows that good horror directors can do with quality.

Three backpackers Americans go to Europe in search of fun. In a hostel in Slovakia appear beautiful women to seduce them. The unfolding of the story makes anyone think that when the offer is too much, we have to be suspicious. Much blood and torture.

Paranormal Activity
The terror of this world without blood can be scarier than many films abusing and stabbing death scenes. Paranormal activity follows the line of "Blair Witch" by abusing language documentaries. Result: the viewer is left with that feeling that everything could be true.

Danish director Lars Von Trier, used to shock audiences with his previous films, this one goes too far. Unlike most productions terror, generates feelings of shock and outrage. If you are willing and not too sad, is the best option to escape the common place on Friday 13.

Approved the selection? Think we missed some movie on the list? Comment!


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Let's see... It's hard for me to not just name my favorites, but more of them are just, plain gore-filled and not necessarily all that actually *scary*...
Movies that have REALLY scared me...
The Ring and it's Japanese original Ringu. (I'm partial to the remake, a very controversial opinion, but I found it smarter and more in tune with my American sensibilities.)
Ju-On by the same Japanese writer and director, scared the bejebus outta me.
Ghost Story. Whoa.
Night of the Living Dead
Evil Dead 2 and Evil Dead, but the scary factor in that order

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