Ten horror movies to watch tonight

August 29, 2013 – 01:24

Shining is a classic horror film It's Halloween! Who says Halloween said horror movies. Discover a selection of the ten best horror films of all time to watch alone or with friends. But always in complete darkness ...

In horror films, there are good movies and worse. And then there are essential, those that push us in our seats when the first drops of hemoglobin. The director and the actors keep us in suspense again and again. For Halloween, back in ten horror movies that fascinate us in spite of ourselves.

The film of a generation. The story of this silent killer obsessed with horror movies, which wreaks havoc in a small town in the United States, was a milestone in the history of horror cinema. For proof, many sequels and remakes more or less humorous.

The Exorcist
Released in 1973, The Exorcist remains one of the classics of the genre, which surprisingly does not age, despite some remakes. At the time, the film has frightened both the spectators that specializes in the subject press. Today, the scene where the girl urinates on the carpet by predicting the death of one of the guests is remembered.

Nightmare on Elm Street
All horror characters Freddy is probably the scariest because the more insidious. By living the dreams of teenagers before killing the dream and reality, hunting on land where we are vulnerable: sleep. In addition, the physical aspect of Freddy is far from engaging.

Of all the roles of Jack Nicholson in The Shining than it does to this day remains one of the most welcomed. The actor is absolutely scary in the skin of a writer who isolated the winter in a hotel for one company his wife and son, begins to lose the ball and decides to commit the irreparable. Terrifying.

Alien passenger
Surprisingly, Alien has received mixed reviews upon its release in theaters. It was only much later that he acquired his cult status. This space team faces an unknown monster in their ship has no other choice but to try to track down the beast. Unless it is otherwise. Sigourney Weaver then sign one of his best roles cults.

Who does not know Michael Myers and his killing spree? Released in 1978, Halloween remains to this day one of the most profitable independent films of cinema history. Made with a low budget, the film still grossed nearly $ 47 million at the box office, a beautiful record for the time. Always worship.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This film is probably one of the most violent and realistic at the time (it was released in 1974). Chainsaw Massacre is so shocking at the time, the Giscard government decided to suspend the theatrical release, the film is finally emerging in 1982. Many remakes were made responsible for integrating Leatherface in our memories.

The Blair Witch Project
A few years before Rec, other directors had the idea of using the technique of found footage (filming handheld camera) to enhance the realism of the film and give the impression it is the heart of the action. For many, The Blair Witch Project is the basis of gender.

Source: www.news-de-stars.com

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Pointless remake of the year - HALLOWEEN

In case you haven't heard, Rob "I can't pay people to see my crappy horror movies" Zombie is remaking the original HALLOWEEN, due out in Fall '07. I guess he didn't learn from Gus Van Sant's mistake that you are only asking for trouble if you remake a genre classic.
What on earth can you possible improve about that film? It remains the last truly frightening horror movie made, with real chills and scares versus gore, one liners & silly chase scenes. And it has PJ Soles topless to boot.
First Carpenter lets them remake THE FOG into a horrible, boring mess devoid of any tension, now its his signature film

Romero's Still Got It

I've read several reviews for Land of the Dead in the past week. Some praised it, while some dismissed it as a "rehash" or "uninspired" film, saying it does nothing to further the Romero legacy. I've heard it's not funny. I've heard it's character's sucked. I've heard lots. I'm here to let you know that Romero's new addition not only fits like a glove to the original three - it's hillarious, well acted, well concieved, and looks beautifully-dirty at that!
When I hear people say LAND is "unoriginal", it makes me chuckle. No other horror filmmaker can mix social commentary, humor, and gore like Romero, and if there is one out there, he'she probablly got the idea from Romero anyway!
I saw LAND last night, at a midnight show here in Chicago

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