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Halloween ( br : Halloween - Night of Terror / pt : Halloween - The Return of Evil) is a film thriller made ​​in 1977 and released in 1978 , written and directed by John Carpenter . The film follows Michael Myers , a serial killer who escapes from a psychiatric hospital in halloween . With a budget of U.S. $ 325, 000 and revenues of U.S. $ 47 million just in the United States, Halloween has resulted in a series and was remade in 2007, with the title of Halloween - The Beginning .

On Halloween night, the 6-year-old Michael brutally murders his sister Judith Myers, after it has sex with her boyfriend in the absence of parents. By this act, is sent to Smith's Groove Sanitarium in Illinois, where he remained for exactly 15 years. Fleeing from the sanatorium, Myers returns to his hometown on Halloween night 1978, from the young to pursue his old neighborhood.

[ editar ] Awards and nominations [ edit ]

[ editar ] Awards [ edit ]

Festival Avoriaz Fantastic Film

National Film Preservation Board

  • National Film Registry: 2006 2

[ editar ] Indications [ edit ]

Saturn Awards

Judith Myers-stabbed

Annie - throat cut by a knife

Bob - stab preaches his chest on a wall

Lynda - strangled with a telephone cord

Driver found on road after escape Michael Myers

  • Because of the low budget, it was not possible to hire a costume, so the actors came to the shoot with clothes from home.
  • The Halloween theme song was done by the John Carpenter.


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