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May 9, 2023 – 10:44 am

Went to Hong Kong to see films with stress-owned one by fans (Photos)

Visit the summer profile to see films in Hong Kong

Summer, hot weather, the mainland has a large theater lacking, moan and groan a lot of fans, friends lamented until the belated "Fast and Furious 6", "Pacific Rim" release, "before finally point the way summer profile . " However, many fans of the Pearl River Delta region has already departed for Hong Kong the first to experience the summer blockbuster. Newspaper to provide Hong Kong to see the film Raiders fans, fans not only interviewed "experts" in person about the selection of films skills, money experience, for some summer blockbusters have come individually introduction. Among them, both the mainland will not be introduced screening of "blurred night", "night fantasy", "Zombie World War", there are also a step ahead mainland release of "Monsters University" and other films. Our reporter Wang Zhenguo, yellow shore



Skillful selection of films

Save money with experience

Mainland student card as useful to bring their own 3D glasses

Guangzhou Koshiba is a big fan of horror films, the first thought of going to Hong Kong cinema, because the 2009 classic horror film "Saw" series ushered in the final work, taking into account such films released in the mainland impossible, not to mention or 3D version, Koshiba hesitation decided straight away in Hong Kong.

Koshiba studying in Hong Kong's friends remind him go to Hong Kong cinema, to bring student ID or campus card. Because the ordinary people, watching movies without buy, student tickets are one of the few forms of preferential. But mainland student card work? Before entering Koshiba have concerns, but fortunately the staff just glanced Koshiba student ID will be released. However, immediately Koshiba has been Hong Kong theater entrance "Please bring your own 3D glasses" prompt stunned, this rule is not ah mainland, but also for his good friend has been prepared in advance. Koshiba said that if you go to Hong Kong, mainland audience watching movies, forgot to bring the 3D glasses do not worry, you can purchase one at the counter to the theater, the price is probably around 10 to 15 million. It is understood that any one of Hong Kong cinema, IMAX 3D version of the film in addition to outside, are not available 3D glasses, though not particularly convenient, but Koshiba expressed understanding, and very respected: "For the theater, it can save the cost, while the audience is guaranteed health, using them is also assured. "

Source: hm.people.com.cn

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