5 classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters in horror movies

April 30, 2023 – 10:32 am

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troglodyte You are in many role-playing games like D & D adventurers conversation in every tavern and no one would do in the sight of her in the pants: Standard monster.

Each warrior running jubilantly to sword held high on orcs to dust a few easy to Collaring experience points. Larger enemies like trolls and giants are naturally addressed as fearless, just maybe a little earlier from a distance with fireballs or lightning "softened" by the magician. But shit is in the good old 0815-Powerplay group but no one from such monsters, right? Sure, you could play a little better in the context of good roleplaying fear of certain powerful opponents, but basically everyone wants to defy brave as a hero such dangers.

But what would happen would be if such monsters really exist and make our native forests and fields insecure That would be material for nightmares and a whole new divisions in the army and police. At least the idea is shocking and amusing at the same time and therefore perfect material for trashy horror movies. Such thriller with bad effects and gallons of red paint by now have their very own fan base, to which I myself - beduselt with enough beer - also count. Especially on the Syfy channel, there are some gems to admire.

Of course, especially in D & D, which makes use of every conceivable mythology and legend, basically every imaginable monster "Default Monster" and I would also Tarantula, Troll Hunter , The Leprechaun parts, all zombie movies and what not list everything. However, I would like to limit to 5 rather unknown and particularly trashy horror films that simply deal with the unwanted, but bloody confrontation between humans and monsters. ENJOY

Troglodytes in "Sea Beast"

In the role play, they are sometimes affectionately called "trough" and used by match officials as low-level cannon fodder when it take orcs and goblins or something to be fishy or Krötiges. Wonderfully releasing such bug-eyed monsters in an aquatic-life scenario on screaming silly and other suitable victim.

Ogre in "Ogre"

Poor guy, who is apparently brought the ogre as breakfast here represent Satanists of his drunken friends. Since the low-budget director has apparently let inspired by King Kong. Pity, however, that no B-movie moderately well stocked and half-naked brunette is sacrificed ...

Hydra "Hydra"

Here are a few criminals are kidnapped and exposed on an island. Meet there the involuntary GIJoes the mythical Hydra and have to wrangle with her. This is a story already perfectly adequate. Like.

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