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August 29, 2013 – 01:24


DIRECTOR: Roman Polanski
SCENARIO: Roman Polanski
CONTACT: Mia Farrow,John Cassavetes,Ruth Gordon,Sidney Blackmer and Maurice Evans.

Released in 1968,Rosemary's Baby is still considered a classic of horror.Beautifully directed by Roman Polanski (The Tenant,The Ninth Gate), the film offers a terror
subjective psychological,much scarier than many movies packed with special effects.

Rosemary and her husband,Guy,move into a new apartment in New York.After some time,the couple is very happy to learn that Rosemary was pregnant.It is at this point that things go wrong.Her husband becomes increasingly strange and remote.In addition,the health of Rosemary is doing very badly.The woman loses weight instead of gain and suffers from terrible stomach pains.As if that was not enough,his best friend falls into a coma a few hours after visiting.Rosemary suspects her neighbors,a couple of very invasive elderly,have a connection with his misfortunes.Reality or paranoia?

Rosemary's Baby is a long and slow film,which takes the time to introduce the main characters and then gradually integrate the horror aspects.The work of Roman Polanski is a psychological horror film,so the gore and action are not present.By cons,history gives shivers down my spine because of its realism.Those wishing to have a child will surely think twice after seeing Rosemary's Baby.What is frightening in the film is that we follow the story from the perspective of Rosemary. You never see the villains plotting against it,since the director shows us the perspective of Rosemary.As heroin,we know that there is something fishy,​​but we can only assume.Several indices are left by the director during the film,but he never mentions the key to the puzzle before the final.

Rosemary's Baby featuring one of the most effective horror film couples villains.Roman and Minnie Castevet (played by Sidney Blackmer and Ruth Gordon) is an elderly couple living in the apartment next door to Rosemary and Guy.The couple never had children and takes their new neighbors under their wings.The Castevet creep into the life of Rosemary without asking permission.They always knock on their door,invite them to dinner,their offer pastries,present to friends,in short,the worst nightmare of every neighbor.Roman and Minnie do not need any violence (physical or verbal) to exercise their reign of terror.Their unique presence does the job.I'm not surprised that Ruth Gordon has won an Oscar for her portrayal of Minnie Castevet.

Achieving Polanski is very good.The director gives a very realistic approach to his film.The angles he chooses gives a feeling of confinement,as if Rosemary was trapped in her apartment and she was alone against the world.Where Roman Polanski stands out the most is in the scenes of hallucinations. Without saying too much,let's just say that these scenes are ...incredible!They haunted me long after viewing.

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