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March 31, 2023 – 09:00 am


British actor has impeccable performance in 'The Woman in Black, which opens sixth

Carolina Cimenti

O ator britânico Daniel Radcliffe no longa de terror 'A Mulher de Preto' British actor Daniel Radcliffe in long horror 'The Woman in Black' (Disclosure)

After a whole decade playing Harry Potter film, Daniel Radcliffe exorcises the image of the young wizard with a good adult role in psychological horror The Woman in Black, which opens this Friday in the country. The style of the film and the character played by actor of 22 years could not be more different from the series of eight feature inspired by JK Rowling's books, and seems to have been the calculation of the actor. A rational calculation of Radcliffe, who faced the new project as a test. And they passed it.

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In The Woman in Black, the former star of Harry Potter shows that it is a versatile actor, able to make good use of your body language - it acts almost alone all the time and has very few dialogues. "It was a new experience for me, both stand alone as being silent. It was a kind of test, "said Radcliffe SEE the site in New York.

In the film, the actor plays a young widower father, lawyer Arthur Kipps, who travels to a remote village to London to take care of the roles of a client who died. In the client's home, Kipps discovers the vengeful ghost of a woman who is terrorizing the inhabitants, especially children, in the region. Based on the book of the same title by Susan Hill, a writer popular in England, the story of The Woman in Black had already been taken to the stage in 1989, in London, and now arrives in theaters in 3D, directed by James Watkins.

In his second feature, Watkins positively reinforces the curriculum. The film appeals to fans of psychological horror and ghost, has a protagonist with flawless performance and a good photograph. Carried by Tim Maurice-Jones, the picture refers to the London of Jack the Ripper, with the advantage of having a real haunted house positioned on an island. The film is worth it for anyone who is mistress of terror, because the outcome is reasonable.

Deconstructing Harry - For Radcliffe, who lives phase "Deconstructing Harry", the great advantage of the new character is to show that his talent goes beyond the demonstrated with young Potter. In the skin of a young adult who is a widower and father, he can - and he knows it - mature their public image.

Source: veja.abril.com.br

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