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Michael Gough ( Kuala Lumpur , November 23 of 1916 - March 17 of 2011 1 ) was a British actor. Best known international audiences for his role as Alfred Pennyworth in the first four films in the franchise Batman .

[ editar ] Life and career [ edit ]

Son of British parents, Gough made ​​his film debut in 1947 in Blanche Fury, and since appeared quite on British television. Made many British horror films in the '60s .

[ editar ] Work as Alfred Pennyworth [ edit ]

Played Alfred Pennyworth in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). He also reprized his role as Alfred in adapting to BBC Radio 1994 Batman: Knightfall and in the movies Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). Gough is one of only two actors to appear in all four movies of the first cinemográfica the Batman franchise, the other actor was Pat Hingle who played Commissioner Gordon . Worked with Tim Burton again in 1999 with Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride . He also reprized his role as Alfred briefly in 2001 in six television commercials for the OnStar automobile tracking system, informing Batman of system installation in the Batmobile.

[ editar ] Awards and nominations [ edit ]

He won the Tony Award as Best Actor in 1979 for Bedroom Farce.

[ editar ] Filmography [ edit ]


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SHANACHIE The Man Who Changed His Mind
  • This early British horroric stars the legendary Boris Karloff as Dr. Laurience...act revenge on his enemies. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: FOREIGN Rating: NR Age: 0

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