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Walking in the dark: September 2011


(Mainly British) (= Movie) movie m
→ We watched a movie starring William Holden
→ ... a government health movie about the dangers of smoking

(For camera) film f , Movie m
a roll of movie film

(= Thin layer) [+ Powder, liquid, oil] film f
→ A movie of dust covered every surface.
→ The sea is coated with a movie of raw sewage.

clingfilm movie m Food
→ Cover with plastic and refrigerate movie for 24 hours.

[+ Stage, person] film
→ A camera crew was filming her for French television

vi (= Make a film) shoot
→ The TV crews couldn't movie at night.
→ Considering the restrictions under All which she filmed, I think she About did a commendable job.

n (British) movie m
→ Transferring cine movie or slides to video shoulds be a doddle.

color movie
n (For camera) film f color (s)

documentary movie
n movie m documentary
→ a short documentary movie tells the story of the rise of National Socialism

feature movie
n length film m

movie buff
n cinephile mf
→ ... a quiz for movie buffs.

Film censors
n Censors mpl
→ ... the British board of Film censors.

movie clip
n excerpt m film
→ ... a movie clip showing Tom Cruise doing a dangerous stunt.

Film company
n company f production company f film production
→ An American movie company is schedule to make a movie about the collapse of Enron.

film crew
n team f location
→ A movie crew HAD beens shooting a romantic movie in the park.

Film critic
n critical mf movie
→ The movie was well received by movie critics.

Film Festival
n festival m film

Film-maker , Filmmaker
n (Mainly British) filmmaker mf
→ ... Italian film makers like Sergio Leone.

film noir
n movie m black
→ ... a remake of the 1947 film noir classic, Kiss of Death.
→ ... a fast-moving, Often implausible, always stylish film noir.

first movie
n first f
→ She jets around the world at attending movie premieres.

Movie rating
n (British) classification system for movies classification system for movies


SHANACHIE The Man Who Changed His Mind
  • This early British horroric stars the legendary Boris Karloff as Dr. Laurience...act revenge on his enemies. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: FOREIGN Rating: NR Age: 0

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