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The Innocents (Brazil / Portugal: The Innocents) is a British film from 1961 of the genre "Horror", produced and directed by Jack Clayton . Screenplay by William Archibald , Truman Capote (additional dialogue) and John Mortimer , who adapted the book The Turn of the Screw (br.: The Turn of the Screw) of Henry James . The film's title is the same as the theatrical play of Archibald, who first adapted the story of James.

The film is an example of "psychological horror" with the filmmakers managed to scare the audiences through the use for this purpose lighting, music and interpretations in place of blood and conventional shocks. The illuminator Freddie Francis uses in-depth focus in many scenes, as well as shadows and minimal light. The locations were in the mansion Gothic located in Sheffield Park , East Sussex . It is the first appearance on film of actress-Mirim Pamela Franklin .

Jack Clayton wanted the film to be different from known productions horror of Hammer this time. Filmed in black and white and the opening has a black background which lasts 45 seconds, when you hear a song only child. Only after the end of the song, the initial signs appear. To the direction of the child actors, Clayton omitted details of the story. Martin Stephens and Pamela Franklin worked with scripts that were deficient in place of the more amazing and mysterious elements of the story adults.

During the nineteenth century , Mrs. Giddens was a candidate for the job of governess and is hired by a bachelor aristocrat who has no time or interest in taking care of two orphans, Miles and Flora, who live in a large country estate in County Bly, assisted only by servants. He says that the previous governess, Jessel, died. And asks Ms. Giddens not mention it to the girl, Flora.

When Ms. Giddens comes to property, she meets and befriends Flora's maid, the elderly Mrs. Grose. Little Miles is in school, but Flora warns he will soon return, what actually happens to the astonishment of the housekeeper, because the boy was expelled from school and arrived before the regular holidays.

Although happy with the place, children and servants, evening Ms. Giddens is always restless sleep. She begins to have visions of the dead housekeeper and also a mysterious man, whom Mrs. Grose identifies the description as Peter Quint, a former vassal of the property and who also died. With the succession of supernatural events, Ms. Giddens becomes convinced that the ghosts of the dead servants threaten children and is determined to stop this evil and save them.

  • According to Professor Christopher Frayling , most of the script was removed from play by William Archibald which debuted on Broadway in 1950. Nevertheless, Capote Frayling assigns the subtext Freudian script and also the atmosphere characteristic of the style known as Gothic South - at the suggestion of the sexual repression of the housekeeper metaphorically alluded to with his frequent encounters with plants and fallen voracious insects. Nevertheless, Clayton chose to focus on other aspects of the narrative that realçassem ambiguities between ghost story and Freudian elements. 1

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