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Peter Cushing ( May 26 of 1913 - August 11 of 1994 ) was an actor British film, theater and television.

Born in Kenley, in the county of Surrey , England . He and his older brother, David, were raised in Dulwich Village, a southern suburb of London , and later returned to Surrey with his mother Nellie Marie and father George Edward Cushing, who was surveyor.

At an early age, Cushing was attracted to acting, inspired by her favorite aunt, who was an actress of the time. While in school, a young Cushing was still interested in acting and drawing, a talent which he put to good use later in his first job as an assistant government surveyor in Surrey. In this period, Peter also got in local theater as an amateur, until he moved to London taking advantage of a scholarship to the School of Music and Drama. He worked in the theater of the time, deciding in 1939 addressed to Hollywood , where he made ​​his performance in the film The Man in the Iron Mask (1939). Other Hollywood films that participated were Chump at Oxford (1939) with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy , Vigil in the Night ( 1940 ), and They Dare Not Love ( 1941 ). However, after a short stay, Cushing returned to England.

Cushing later appeared in New York doing performances in Broadway and then in Canada . In support of their homeland, contributed to the war effort during World War II by joining the Military Services Association Entertainment.

After the war, Cushing had his big break with Sir Laurence Olivier in the film Hamlet ( 1948 ), in which the future companion of Cushing, Christopher Lee , had a small role. Both actors also appeared in Moulin Rouge (1952), but did not coincide again until his last filmed horror movies. During the 1950s Cushing became a familiar face on British television, appearing in many films for this medium, as Beau Brummell and the creature, until at the end of the decade began his work with the legendary association Hammer Productions in their new versions of the classic 1930s horror. His work in the production is closely related to the director Terence Fisher , performing important roles in many of his films, such as The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) Dracula (1958), The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) and The Mummy (1959 ).

Cushing continued playing the roles of Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Van Helsing, as well as other horror characters in Hammer films during the next twenty years. Peter Cushing also appeared in many movies to the other major producer of horror films of the era, the Amicus Productions , including Dr. Terror ( 1965 ) and its subsequent anthologies of horror movies a couple of Dr. Who (1965, 1966) and The Monster ( 1971 ), and others. In the mid 1970s, these companies had stopped production, but Cushing, firmly established as a star of terror, gender continued repeatedly.

In 1976, he was invited to the film Star Wars , where he appeared as one of the most recognized characters, Grand Moff Tarkin , despite having been originally considered for the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi . Cushing accepted the role for one simple question: "My criteria for acceptance of a paper is not based on what I like to do. I try to take into account what the public would like to see me do and I thought of the children who love Star Wars. "


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