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My new plaid pants: Thursday's (Classic) Ways Not To Die

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Psychobilly is a genre generally described as a mix between the punk rock of the late 70s and rockabilly American of 50 years . 1 The genus is also characterized by references to films of horror and issues such as violence , sexuality and other lurid topics generally considered taboo, although presented in a humorous and courageous. 2

The term "psychobilly" was first used by Johnny Cash in his song "One Piece at Time, " hit the Top Ten of 1976 . 3 would pass to be used to define the genre a few years later, when the Cramps described their music as "psychobilly" and "rockabilly voodoo" on the posters of his shows. Although the Cramps rejected the idea of being part of the psychobilly scene, they, along with artists such as Screamin 'Jay Hawkins and Meteors , considered the precursors of the movement. Musically speaking, there was also the background scenery garage rock and pub rock since the '60s and early '70s, not to mention the artist better known as Legendary Stardust Cowboy , a precursor of psychobilly.

The first band was considered psychobilly Meteors, formed in South London in 1980 . With a member who was part of the rockabilly subculture, others involved with the punk subculture and a third who was a fan of horror films, musical ideas gathered and formatted the genre as it exists today. The Meteors also invented the concept of psychobilly be apolitical, encouraging their shows area to be "non-politicized" function to avoid fights between fans, as was becoming applicant in the punk scene of the time. To date, virtually no music psychobilly about politics, although most Psychobillies disavow the thoughts of the extreme right.

In 1982 a nightclub called Klubfoot opened in Hammersmith, west London, creating a home for British psychobilly scene. The club would eventually be demolished, replaced by office buildings and a railway coach . Having never been a very popular style, their fans often organize "Weekends Psychobilly" in which several bands play together to achieve attract enough audience. The first weekends were held in the UK in the mid 80s.

The psychobilly eventually spread through Europe , particularly in Germany , Italy and Spain , in some places in the United States and gradually in Asia , especially in Japan . While the psychobilly of the early '80s (with Meteors, Sharks, Batmobile) was similar to punk or garage rock, psychobilly the end of the same decade has more resembled the heavy metal (with Nekromantix , Demented Are Go , Klingonz , Mad Sin ), while the style of the 90s and 2000 approximates the sound of American psychobilly ( Reverend Horton Heat , Los Gatos Locos , Tiger Army ).

The psychobilly fashion is characterized by a style called "quiff, " a kind of mohawk rockabilly, 4 while the clothes combine style punk (dyed hair, beaten and torn clothes and leather jackets), with the initial fashion rockabilly (with prints animal figures).


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Uggg! I'm sick of Asian horror movies.

My guess is that the best Asian horror movies get distributed outside of Asia or make it in into the English language media but the other 90% of those formulaic crap movies, you are lucky enough to be spared from.
In Thailand, there are the ghost of the month and the real tortue porn movies ("Saw" is comparitively lightweight and has something of a plot). Japan has the laughably, partially animated stuff like the "Deathnote" series.
"you'll find the Asian movies to be much better at horror films than Hollywood is." Maybe if you're talking about the top ten percent of Asian movies.

I'll take Horror Movie Actors and Actresses

Name the actor or actress described in these horror movies. (Extra points for identifying the movie also.)
1) He was glued to a chair, set on fire and pushed down a city street by Ralph Fiennes in this horror classic viewed by many as far superior to the other two movies that followed the antics this widely known modern-day criminal psychopath.
2) She uttered the immortal words, "Give me those shoes Leroy," just before setting fire to the caretaker.
3) This legend of horror movies, known for drinking sterno among other alcoholic libations, died before the final version of this movie was completed and a Southern California dentist who bore a striking physical resemblance to the star was called in to complete the film

Best movies of 2003

I haven't seen Cold Mountain or Monster so with those films exampt:
1. Finding Nemo
(This movie succeeds in every area, story, characters, acting and visual execution. Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are perfect. Get rid of the Randy Newman soundtrack and the film is flawless.)
2. The Weather Underground
(A great documentary on the college protesters aka "The Weatherman" who tried to overthrow a corrupt U.S. government in the late 60's and 70's that was committing genocide in southeast asia. While they turned out to be right about Vietnam, their tactics were as much in question as Nixon's

Don't Let The Movies Kill Dead Space

Dead Space 2 is a crazy good game, and the survival horror series is building up a sizable fan base. Know what that means?
There are rumblings of movie possibilities. The games already got the animated and graphic novel treatment as well as toys. So a big screen version seems to be the logical next step!
Dead Space co-creator Ian Milham tells the BBC, "We would love to have a live action film and we've had a lot of discussion." But Milham says that one of the reasons that Dead Space still exists and is still popular is that the developers "made sure to do everything right"

A chat with .. filmmaker Roger Corman  — USA TODAY
In October I'll be in London when the British Film Institute is having a series of gothic horror films. I made several of my Edgar .. Maybe it's because our films go back to the '60s and '70s, although some of them were made just last year.

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