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August 29, 2013 – 01:25

  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersUn memory is a secret. A legend is a warning.In the wake of the mission of most modern (superhero) Avengers,the ... Read more

    On May 10,2013,from Neverland

  • Soundtrack Film Stoker.The first film shot on American soil by South Korean director Park Chan-wook,celebrated author of Oldboy and the rest of ... Read more

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  • In the town of Harrisville,Rhode Island,arriving paranormal investigators,world-renowned,Ed and Lorraine Warren,called by the spouses Perron,... Read more

    On August 15,2013,from Psichetechne

  • Written by Krizia Ribotta Roger Ebert in one of his last shots Ilcritico American film Roger Ebert,a journalist for the Chicago ... Read more

    On 04 April 2013,from Webnewsman

  • A horror that strikes but not surprising.Lately horror film is not shining in terms of quality and thickness. Read more

    On March 11,2013,from Oggialcinemanet

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    New Line Dark City
    DVD (New Line)

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    My list of the best cult films ever.

    I posted it a couple years ago. I thought I'd do it again. In no particular order.
    1. El Topo - directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
    Grim brutal western with a lots of little people and priests getting whipped. Very strange stuff. This was the first midnight movie and ran for many years in NYC.
    2. If - Lindsay Anderson - Malcolm McDowell as a revolting student
    3. Freaks (1932) Tod Browning -
    Log Line - Can a full grown women truly love a midget?
    Plot - The circus freaks decide to seek revenge on a gold digger marrying one of the homeboys

    'The Butler' stays on top with $17 million  — Denver Post
    Despite good reviews, Lionsgate's home-invasion horror flick "You're Next" opened weakly with $7.1 million. .. It has followed the release pattern of another movie about race and domestic service: the 2011 drama "The Help," also released in August.

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