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April 12, 2023 – 10:17 am

Again and again on American remakes of them: Asian ghost movies.
A sign that movies like this not only in their home countries.

We have been looking up in that market and picked out ten movies for you, which are among the most successful Asian ghost movies.

RING (Japan 1998)
Original Title: Ringu
The model to THE RING is probably the best-known representative in the list and also a book adaptation of Koji Suzuki.
Journalist Reiko experiences after the death of her cousin Tomoko by a mysterious video, through which one shall die after watching for a week. Reiko investigates and looks at the video itself and tries to stop the now occurring events.

JU-ON (Japan 2000)
The film by Takashi Shimizu, better known as The Grudge.
The teacher Kobayashi missed one of his students and makes himself up to a home visit. There he finds the little boy totally neglected and abandoned apathetically in his parents' house. But Kobayashi makes another discovery, people died here.

PULSE (Japan 2001)
Original title: Cairo
A Creepy apocalyptic shocker by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
A young student discovered the Internet and is much more loving than in it.

THE EYE (Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, 2002)
Original title: Gin gwai
2008 remake appeared with Jessica Alba, the original is by Danny and Oxide Pang.
The Moon is blind after a corneal transplant can see again. Slowly her eyes adjust to the glaring sun light and it begins to visually perceive their environment, but it does even more than the living.

Dark Water (Japan 2002)
Original title: Honogurai mizu no soko kara
Hideo Nakada is also a book adaptation of Koji Suzuki.
After her divorce Yoshimi Matsubara moved with her daughter Ikuko in a cheap apartment. There is no particularly good condition and so forms an increasingly large water stain on the ceiling, even the faucet seems to have a quirk. Again and again a little girl bag that apparently belonged to a missing girl, which was once home to the apartment of Hideo and Ikuko.

PHONE (Korea 2002)
The film by Ahn Byeong-ki tells the story of Ji-won, who gets threatening phone calls after the publication of a controversial article. One day, the daughter of a friend provided answers such a call, this is then transformed. Do these calls as well but nothing to do with the article?

THE CALL (Japan 2003)
Original title: ari Chakushin
This film comes from Takashi Miike and became a trilogy.
Within a short time a number of young people die cruelly in apparent suicide. Strange is not only how they are killed, but also that each of them has a candy in his mouth and was about to make a call. Yumi sees a connection in the call lists of the dead and tries to stop her own impending death.


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Usually asian films

They make the best
infection, autditioin, original ring, grudge and dark water, to many to list actually.
hellraiser, i like rob zombies work, pet cemetary was good...usually older american ones, the kind with a plot, i haven't seen drag me to hell yet, but its on the list.
again, to many to list, i've loved horror films since i was a kid.

Asian Cinema

Is anyone into it? i just got some import dvds...
ju-on (the first two 'grudge' movies)
ong bak (muay thai fighting)
cursed (teen girl horror)
house of flying daggers (chinese joint a la 'hero' or 'crouching tiger')
devilman (HORRIBLY translated action/manga-based movie, apparently the translator spoke neither japanese or engrish)
bangkok dangerous (havent watched yet)
various bruce lee films

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