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August 29, 2013 – 01:24

Five Directors Tackle Four Tales in the South Korean Genre Flick

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Hello! Someone I could recommend action Asian films-romance type ... Or comic (but really xD). I do not know if anyone will have seen, Kung Fu Hustle type (s hilarious!).
Well, I hope someone has some advice, thank you!

Juliet by Juliet

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-Shaolin Soccer, is similar in style to Kung Fu Hustle and the lead actor is the same.
-My Girlfriend is an agent, action comedy and romance.
-Runway Cop, comedy
-I Will Teach You Love, comedy and romance
-He Was Cool, comedy and romance
Beauty -200 pounds (200 pounds beauty) comedy and some romance
-Antique Bakery, comedy
-The Thieves, action and some comedy
-A little thing called love, comedy and romance.
-My Tutor Friend 1 and MTF2, comedy and romance. Different cast, somewhat similar stories, you can see one without seeing the other. I really liked the two.
-Hello Ghost, comedy and romance
-Always (Only You) Drama and romance.Excelente!
-She's On Duty, action, comedy and romance.
-My Little Bride, romance and comedy


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Usually asian films

They make the best
infection, autditioin, original ring, grudge and dark water, to many to list actually.
hellraiser, i like rob zombies work, pet cemetary was good...usually older american ones, the kind with a plot, i haven't seen drag me to hell yet, but its on the list.
again, to many to list, i've loved horror films since i was a kid.

Asian Cinema

Is anyone into it? i just got some import dvds...
ju-on (the first two 'grudge' movies)
ong bak (muay thai fighting)
cursed (teen girl horror)
house of flying daggers (chinese joint a la 'hero' or 'crouching tiger')
devilman (HORRIBLY translated action/manga-based movie, apparently the translator spoke neither japanese or engrish)
bangkok dangerous (havent watched yet)
various bruce lee films

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